Hey guys.

So I know this is really unbelievable, and I feel like maybe I’m just crazy or a noob. I’m sure somebody will let me know. Long story short, I have been researching and reading about the occult and ran into E.A. Koetting’s stuff while doing so. Here comes the weird part. I’ve doodled this this a number of times and always thought it was cool. I was looking at sigils for the 9 Kings the other day and came across Baels’ Sigil. I had been drawing something pretty close to this thing for years. And when I saw it, I recognized it immediately and kind of freaked out. I felt something strong around me after this, but not like, in my face about it. So I freaked out and said something like, “Hey what’s up dude. Just so we’re clear I’m calling the shots. Protect myself and my family.” I doubt this was the correct thing to do, but I didn’t know what else to do. I know you can’t show fear. Sorry I am rambling. A few things have happened that made me think I’m getting some extra help with how crappy my life was going. Also, does the word Zortall mean anything to anyone? Long story. I’m sorry I’m kind of freaking out. I was just hoping somebody could shed some light on wtf is happening to my life. Thank you.

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Communication man. Speak with him and go from there


Understandable! :slight_smile:

But not unbelievable for many of us on here, because hearing a spirit’s name in your thoughts, or happening across their symbols, or writing their name or sigil are all ways they use to alert us to the fact they’re waiting for us to make contact.

It sounds like you may have a link to him, did you watch the evocation of Bael that E.A. did a while back? This is the link on YouTube.

What do you need from us? Do you want to speak to him, take it further, find out why he called you or is in your life?

But before replying, please check your Messages tab at the top of this page, you have mail. :slight_smile:


Bael is an immensely powerful spirit. And great to work with too. Even for so called “newbs”. Just evoke him and establish a relationship.


Sorry guys I just saw this. Thanks for the support. I’ve had crazier stuff happen since then and I’m starting to settle in.


Also this happened a while ago and I finally got my profile up to speed a few days ago. I eventually did Invoke him around a campfire like 6 months ago and just chilled. He is pretty rad.