Bael ~

So the workshop is working on Bael. He appeared to me with long sandy blonde hair and had fangs.

He felt to me much the way I would think an ancient Vampire would.

He wore alot of brown colors.

At the time of his arrival I was dealing with some issues. And he asked if he could help. I saw no reason why not.

He didn’t talk alot but I could feel his presence and see him he manifests easily for me.

He also said this , “there’s a storm coming”

Hes energy feels like a caged lion just waiting for the right moment to run wild and pounce upon his prey.

This my personal experience

~ Arianna :rose:


Ba-El the Charioteer of the Clouds, the Storm God (BTW, in Hebrew BaEl means Father God).


So this ritual was interesting. I was catching up and decided to both preform an invocation and evocation of Bael with the methods i have been using. During the invocation i felt surges of power roll through me and then i began my evocation of Bael.

As i did this surge of power only increased, the vison of form presented was not a anthropomorphic form but one of raw power. A great storm of sand, lightning, and cracked earth surging around me like a wave waiting to crash from all directions with Bael’s sigil hovering in the eye of this storm.

Before i thought or spoke a single word Bael’s voice rose from this storm through me.

“Two days you have pondered on my nature, and in this time i have pondered on you. As you have called the others you have called on me. I gift you with the empowerment you seek as we begin to walk and work together.”

As the last word rang through me i felt power collapse on top of me with the vison of this storm begin coalescing around me like a collasping star.
As this continued Bael bid me to carve his sigil in the same manner i have done in the others and meditate upon it untill the incense ceased to rise. I did so and when the last coil of smoke rose from the resin i felt the wave of power smash into me and through me as this energy wrapped around me and settled within me.

My mind drew a parallel of this vision and a scene from children of dune.

At the closing of this ritual Bael made a point of making offerings in graditude rather than in supplication. He did not want empty praise, he said like all in the cosmos he seeks to express his power.

As with many others i aim to provide a channel for this to the fullest.


This is so awesome! :+1:

Praise Bael! :frog:

I love Him so much, I could lose track of hours gazing at His imagery and seals… :green_heart: