Bael The Uncoquerable Conquerer Explains on how to become the Conquerer

i was focusing in one of the titles of bael “the uncoquerable conquerer” thinking how you can become one how is it possible to be a uncoquerable conquerer.

Bael answers.

“When you conquer yourself ,you conquer everything,in the field of reality they shall become staircases for the new ruler to walk upon having the knowladge of rise and fall the one can become the uncoquerable conquerer forever for all eternity,a new strenght must be mastered and entered into the magician’s arsenal of powers the power of conquer of subtle realites of the unseen”

Pretty Interesting :thinking:



King Baal told you this just now?

Hiya OP! An important footnote is that Bael is talking about your Self, not your conscious human one but the Truth of You. Control over your human self is just the first step! Don’t get confused. :slight_smile:

Baal is such an interesting fellow and Inspiring he can help you becoming wiser, keep his sigil close to you. He also makes you “invisible” and discreet