Bael misconceptions

Is Bael the one true god?
One of EA’s videos got me to do a lot of research as of the origins of Baal.

So, I wanted to look up history on the topic.
I found this video about the history of Baal compared to Christian claims on history.

How Phoenicians worshiped Baal, Bel, Bael ect predating Christianity by a thousand years or so.
How yahweh or jehovah weren’t being worshiped at all back then.
Mainly it was Baal.
Then as everyone knows Christianity came around and claimed all other gods to be of the “Devil” or “satan”.

Is Baal god?
Are the pantheon of “Demons” really angelic or morally “good” spirits?

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My UPG is that the spirit who shows up for a lot of evocations of Bael, including the one I sensed from E.A.'s video (which is, of course, not guaranteed to be the same entity he perceived) is a powerful and benevolent being, involved with genetically modifying a primate template to house human consciousness. A kind of “father god,” but without the toxic monotheism.

He shows up under the Cat, Toad, Man image (bonus tarantula/tentacle legs :heart_eyes_cat: ) and seems to have links to Marduk, Ra, Sekhmet, and possibly Kek. Marduk actually gives us different Names to call upon (Simon Necronomicon Spellbook is a good quick-access guide to these), so that again goes against the Bael I encounter being interested in setting up as the “one true” banana.

I love him, I could easily become quite obsessed with gazing on his imagery and sigil, and he gave me a sigil that people have found opens very quickly:

That’s my info-dump on Bael anyway, the name (afaik) means “Lord” so there may be other entities who show up when called under that as a title. :thinking:


I can agree with connections to Ra and Sekhmet

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Has anyone deciphered the sigils and their meaning. They ain’t constructed just because. There’s meaning there just like enns.

So what is the difference between the Bull God and the Description in the Goetia.
The Goetia was created around 1700 ad.
The real Baal was worshipped 3000 years ago.