Bael and a big eye that apparently appeared to me multiple times (a reminder of the fact that I'm being watched?)

Hello! So, 1 month ago and a half or something similar to that time frame I decided to evoke again Bael and see what he’ll say to me (I evoked Him in the past multiple times, I gave offerings to Him, etc.), ask Him things, ask for His help, etc.

It was night, as always it was difficult for me to sleep and I was spending my time at the pc.

I was bored and I decided to take the sigil of Bael from the place I put it the last time. I meditated a little then I fell into a deep altered state of mind, I opened Bael’s sigil.

As I was opening his sigil and even after I opened His sigil I was chanting different incantations/conjurations. (it were 4-5 different chants/conjurations that I used) I was into a deep altered state, a monotonous one (typical for evocations), the presence of the entity was solidyfing and becoming stronger as I was chanting over and over.

At some points I was interrupted by a mental voice but I didn’t took it too serious and I started to chant more and deepen my state of mind even more.

After some minutes I started to adress to the entity, talked to Him, He said some things. (He repeated a sentence over and over, in that way He underlined what I was supposed to do and made it even more clear)

At a point, in which I was feeling the etheric pressure around my ears as I was having a dialogue with Bael and I was feeling as I was into another world, I got interrupted by my father… I waited for 5-10 mins or so and I started again, tried to meditate a little than deepen my state of mind and tried again to re-establish the contact/communication that took place.

I was sensing much faster the atmosphere changing, told Bael that I was sorry for that and said more things. (I can’t really remember what) In the previous discussion that I had (before I got interrupted) I told Bael that I will give some offerings to Him at a given point. (I didn’t know when )

After I had the 2nd discussion I went to bed. (I was thinking about the idea of having and establishing some sexual intercourse with my demons, but I gave up to that idea because I was feeling really tired)

When I got into the bed I also tried to speak to Bael (Idk if He was still there with me). I was feeling also horny and yeah… It was difficult to not jerk off, so I did that to be relieved.

As I was doing that I got interrupted by Bael, I told Him that it’s not really the right time for that and I started to think about some words a friend told me in regards about Bael and also He channelled Bael for me and got some answers.

Some words my friends told me really rang with familiarity in my mind, it was about “finding in myself that Bael”, those words rang with familiarity in my mind because it was feeling like my answers that came from Bael were coming from the depths of my soul, like it was really feeling like it was coming from within me.

So, that’s bullshit saying that when your making contact with an entity it’s manifesting and communicating with that specific individual in just an external way.

No, no, no, the manifestation happens within that specific individual and at some degrees in an external way. (I don’t know if I succed to explain that in a proper way, also English is not my main language, so yeah)

At that point, after Bael interrupted me, the idea of offering my cum to His sigil appeared into my mind out of nowhere, I then started to think again about some words my friend said and another thing it was “sigil offerings”, that rang with so much familiarity about the idea that got into my head and I also got some feeling that I should really do that. (I listened to what my internal voice is telling me to do) I then realized that it was 1000% inspired by Bael and that He told me that to do, like it was really obvious, the idea was formed into my head as a sentence and I knew for sure He told me that to do and all it was inspired by Him (I was feeling that mentally).

At that point I was like “Ok, I also promised to Bael that I’m gonna gave an offering/offerings to Him.”

I didn’t know that I will give an offering to Him, like I really didn’t plan to do that in that night. (it was around 1 am or something) I took Bael’s sigil with me and a flashlight and entered into a room (a little room that it’s a small rectangle with the dimensions: 3 meters length and 2 meters width) that was having no light sources. I took the sigil and placed it there in front of me and turned on the flashlight. (I didn’t have any candles because my mom thrown them at the thrash because she knows that sometimes I’m playing with magick, she says things like “Your calling the devils into my house !” :)) or similar things like that, she’s crazy)

I meditated a little, then entered into a deep altered state of mind, chanted again 4-5 different chants/conjurations as I was opening Bael’s sigil and after I opened His sigil and I was feeling His presence solidyfing and becoming more real.

At that point I received a mental image and there it was the symbol of the clubs cards and through that symbol I was able to see things, like a skrying mirror, I don’t really know what I really saw or I don’t really know to explain what I saw through that symbol and then I received another mental image and it was a big blue hexagram.

Then I opened my eyes, looked around and then fell into that altered state of mind again and I was seeing with my eyes closed a huge eye and then I also opened my eyes and that eye was still there with me, on the wall that was in front of me and also I was seeing some black lines to the left of the huge eye. Then I was seeing emmanating from the light of that flashlight a pair of
small eyes.

Those eyes appeared floating over Bael’s sigil. It was clear that He was there with me, I adressed nice with Him. (I do that with every entity, I consider them being very close to me, hehe, I think that’s a reason why I fell in love with almost every entity that I contact frequently)

Then I told Him that I’m going to give Him an offering. (I know, it wasn’t like he didn’t know, but I did that because it seemed more formal and I also thought that it would be more respectful)

At that point I began masturbating and having fantasies till I cummed over Bael’s sigil. (oh, boy and it really flown from me a high amount :)) it happened rarely for me to have such a high amount flowing from me) I then started to scatter it all over His sigil, unfortunately it was difficult for me to not taste a little from it because it looked so good and delicious. :))

A thing that I noticed it was that it had a really sweet taste, waaay more sweeter taste than the last time when I tasted my cum. Yeah, my cum usually has a really salty taste. Drinking it with a juice would be way more better :wink: .

After I finished all those things I thanked Bael for His presence and went to sleep.

The next day or so I observed the fact that a loooong time ago (when I was 6 or so I drew something on a wardrobe, I looked closer and it was a huge eye, very similar to the eye that I saw while I evoked Bael) In the drawing that I did a looong time ago that eye was emmanating something from it, like the rays of the sun.

After 2-3 minutes I went at bathroom and as I was urinating I observed with the tail of my eyes that there it was a strange model on the bathroom wooden door, it was an eye again, similar to the eye that appeared to me. I even looked fully multiple times at the pattern and the eye was still visible, wtf.

Then after 2-3 days I observed an eye appearing to me in a game cover. (the cover of the binding of isaac antibirth) Yeah, the eye was around me, watching me.

Also a friend told me that the eye it’s just a symbol to aknowledge the fact that I’m being watched by a higher force.


That’s the clubs card symbol that I saw and through which I was able to see things. (it was acting like a skrying mirror or something)

In the red circle it’s the eye that appeared to me frequently. I’d have liked to take photos of the drawing that I did while I was 6 (in which it could be seen the similarities between the eye that appeared to me) and the wood pattern of the bathroom door in which it could be seen the eye appearing, unfortunately I can’t do that because I got really angry in the last day of school and because of that I broke my phone.

Btw, also that clubs card symbol it’s linked to Bael because He is known for appearing with 3 heads. (I also saw Him in that way and with the legs of spider) The fact that He often appears with legs like the one of a spider also links Him to the fact that he’s linked to Beelzebub. (Beelzebub is associated with insects and all those things)

Soooo… Anyone saw a huge eye while evoking Bael? Or another pair of small white glowing eyes while evoking Bael?

I’m sorry for all of you if I had a bad English or if I wasted your times.
Btw, also that’s how I discovered that game cover. It’s really a good soundtrack. I should have wrote all those things the next day after all those experiences, not after more than a month have passed.


Seeing a big single eye is on this list for sure:

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That one is a daily for me. Seems to be a common image associated with whatever magick is. Perhaps, it is worthy of a study? Like a puzzle needing to be unlocked. Of course, I may be wrong.

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I saw the big eye too but I was invoking sallos

  1. Time Bending

Results beginning to occur before the working itself - Hehe, yeah. That happened multiple times and even in the recent time.

  1. Black Being

A black figure being present when we wake up, or at other times - this seems more common to people on this forum, especially who did the WoD darkness exercise; - I saw dark silhouettes/shadows too much frequently, inclusively while I was making contact with Azazel. He seemed to be everywhere in the room, sometimes even teleporting from a corner to another corner or feeling Him sneaking behind me and whispering things. When the time was coming most of the times I was also sensing low level entities that were black silhouettes/shadows/black beings that were surrounding me and moving and doing things, multiple times I was even touched by those black beings. I remember once when I was trying to lucid dream, (it didn’t really work) I got into a very altered state of mind. (I used a technique that I found out on the old wizzardforums) I reached a state in which I was between being awake and asleep and there I was able to do everything I wanted, tried astral projecting, had astral sexual intercourse with a very hot classmate :)) and it was feeling very real. Idk if she was aware of the things I did. And at some points I was hearing a very intense buzzing, it was becoming louder and louder as the time was passing, I litterally thought that I was near an ocean or something. After that sound reached it’s maximum level in intensity it lowered in intensity fast drastically and after 1-2 minute or so I was seeing into my 3rd eye a black being that was apparently at the end of my bed (I was laying down in the bed), I opened the eyes and that being was still there and that thing then flew in the air or to climb on the walls and ceiling, wtf. Also once I was sleeping and as I was sleeping I astral projected without wanting to do that. (I was 11 or 12 and I never astral projected since that, I just heard about this guy at that time, Ea Koetting, I thought at first he’s a weirdo or something, I read some of his books, the books were really interesting and I knew that his books are a big treasure. I did 1 or 2 exercises from his book, works of darkness while I was 11-12. (I saw that you mentioned something in that old post from 2015 about the work of darkness) So, I was actually out of my body, I was seeing the people in the house, my brother, my mom, I had no actual solid body and when I realized that my body doesn’t reallt exist I got scared and I travelled with an insane speed (I was seeing myself being from the perspective of a deep dense black smoke) in reversal through my body, I was seeing then my body and I was seeing myself (as that dense black smoke) entering into my body through my opened mouth and through my nostrils. After that I instantly woke up and I was scared and I told to my brother (which was near me) that I was there and that I saw him and bla bla bla, but he didn’t care and was having an attitude like I was crazy or something. I am thinking about the fact that this black dense smoke it was my soul. I have a black soul :)) :smiling_imp: I’m I racist if I’d say that maybe the exercise that I did from WoD a few times might have turned my soul being black? :)) I told to ArtisMagistra (a user of the old wizzardforums) about experience that happened to me and my dear friend, ArtisMagistra explained to me the fact that it’s possible that this dense black smoke might be just an entity, he explained to me that he saw multiple times beings like that and that encounter with those beings happened many times with the people he’s talking with or talked with.

  1. Reality Changes

Spirits talking to you, or answers coming to you, from random sources such as other people - Answers or knowledge out of nowhere happened to me frequently in the past. I’d really love to get knowledge out of nowhere/ideas appearing into my mind again, it was really awesome. All the knowledge that I was receiving out of nowhere I don’t think it ever contradicted. I was just staying somewhere isolated from people, into a room somewhere, sometimes in the complete darkness for hours and things were coming to me by themselves, that was amazing. About ideas or messages coming from entities - it happened multiple times. Sometimes in words, phrases, mental images, things to which I was being led, hidden symbolism, etc.

  1. Other Magicians As Dream Oracles - Ummm, 2 months ago or so it happened that the avatar that ArtisMagistra had on the old wizzardforums to appear into a dream. I was chased by his avatar. Also once when I was on trihexyphenidyl (I took some parkinson medicine, a friend helped me to get my hands on 10 pills that are prescribed for parkinson :)) ) I meditated, did AdamThoth’s void meditation and after I finished the meditation, some hallucinations/visions came to me, I was feeling Azazel’s presence next to me, it felt like He was very, very close to me, I saw a big, tall shadow next to me. Then I tried to re-establish my focus again and then I saw in that void a door and through that door it was light, the door got opened and there it was the avatar that ArtisMagistra had on the old wizzardforums, the avatar came close to me, looked deep into my eyes. After 2 mins or so the avatar returned through that door and closed it and dissappeared. I waited some minutes after to recover myself from that state of mind, I then entered into the kitchen (wait, I really don’t know what I wanted to do there) and there I saw 2 balls of green light, I got close to those 2 balls of green light and then they dissappeared and appeared 2 balls of blue light in their places. I told him about that encounter after a long time since those happened and he said that my vision that I had in which I saw his avatar appearing in the void with me could have meant that at the time I saw that vision he wasn’t able to respond my messages. And he was right! While I had that vision/hallucination thing he wasn’t able to respond to my messages.

11 Relatives Having Dreams - Yeah, my older brothers were experiencing those things frequently when I was evoking entities while they were asleep. From what I observed, those things happened especially when I was evoking Azazel. (Azazel in the past also used to scare me) But the only difference is that they weren’t experiencing dreams, but nightmares instead :)) They were scared to sleep next to mem, my parents too. My parents are also scared to sleep next to me because they know I planned in the past to kill them while being asleep and they are saying that when I’m staying awake all the night I might try to kill them :laughing:


Please try adding paragraph breaks, I did your OP because I’m nice :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s your job to make your longer posts more readable now please!


Those are some fucking long posts! Try career in article writing, you have natural talent.

Ok, I’ll try in the future.

I saw again in my 3rd eye that big eye appearing again to me 7-8 hours ago and then I saw that big eye appearing in the pattern of the carpet that was on the floor. Also I was hearing and seeing an audio-visual vision/hallucination. The fact that I talked about those things that happened to me influenced me seeing that eye again? (Idk if it’s a proper way of expressing myself in that previous phrase)

Wht don’t you try evocation and/or possesion instead? It gets way more interesting than just invoking. How it was looking for you that big eye? Could you detail or draw or something? What was the background behind it? What things you did before, what things you’ve done before? Symbols, themes appeared to you frequently? Could you give those sorts of details?

shit I always feel eyes on me at all times even if I don’t invoke or evoke any spirit always being watched by them and never alone…

I know the feeling, that happened to me frequently for a long period of time, especially starting from 3 AM till 4 AM. I was getting surrounded by low level entities. (shadows being, vampiric entities, whatever you may want to call those entities) In the recent days at least that phenomenon decreased in frequency and intensity, I think a factor of why that phenomenon stopped it’s the fact that I made a pause for 1 month or so from practicing magick.


Btw, the fact that you responded there on my thread I don’t think it might be a coincidence or something. You have Azazel in your name and now I was discussing (5 mins or so) with someone about some things in regards about Azazel that appeared to me. Also 3-4 days ago after I did my magical and physical training (I used AdamThoth’s void meditation, performed LBRP, extended my aura, activated my chakras and spinned them and then did some push-ups) some visions with me and Azazel in which I was having some intimate contact appeared to me.


Great knowledge