Bad things keep happening to me

Is there a spell to stop this? I feel like I’ve been cursed my whole life.

Try the 33 day master protection ritual from the book Magickal protection by Damon brand I hope it helps. :slight_smile: :sparkles:


you can call Opfaal he is known to lift up the enchantment or release the curse

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@Gwydion22 @Divinelylost66 Thank you both for the suggestions! I am quite new to this world so I was a bit confused and needed some guidance. It seems like my whole life was just bad luck and misfortune, I thought I had to ask for good things to happen to me, but it honestly could be to just ask for the bad things to go away… I really appreciate the replies! Hopefully I can go back into this thread and update my progress. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think more of a definition of “bad things” could help clarify things a bit.

You’d be surprised how often the “bad things” that happen are of our own doing in some way.

“I keep jumping off the roof of my house and breaking my legs…”

Evoking and seeking another entity to “fix” a problem you can fix yourself may not be well received, depending on who you are working with.

You’re right about that- I’ve just generalized it because I felt like it was a lot of different issues in my life that came from various origin.

The list is a bit long and complicated, but I’m having difficulty with: the effects of isolation, forming new connections with people, PTSD from abuse from foster parents, fear of people, a lack of physical strength, losing my job and possibly housing, loneliness, agoraphobia, lack of mental smarts/concentration/focus, financial struggle, lack of adult skills I should have learned when I was a kid, trauma of losing my parents when I was a teenager, people I considered friends using me, suicidal ideation, men grooming me because of my vulnerable situation, etc. It is a lot… I don’t know where to start. I feel like I’m stuck/drowning, 'cause it has affected me my whole life, but idk what to do :grimacing: I feel like some helpless kid at 20, I don’t have anyone to run to because of my lack of social skills and no family that nurtured me into independence

AAAAH I am sorry, that was a lot. I am working on it, I know magick will not aid without effort on my end. But this feels like a beast I have to kill or something sometimes :sweat:

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First, you aren’t helpless… only if you choose to be.

As far as others go, if you find solace in yourself, you will find most others offer little more than a distraction. The hardest part is actually getting to that point.

I don’t deny it isn’t a heavy load. However, this is what you have to work with. How can you make it work in your favor to manifest something positive? That’s the end game. And perhaps it is your purpose to discover how to find strength through your own adversity.

I’ve learned that you never ask for strength or intervention unless you are willing to carry the burden of impacts the intervention. Rarely, if ever, the solution you seek ends up being the solution provided. More often, its a roundabout way that inspires more trials and anguish.

We all have our trials and tribulations, its what we make of them that counts.

I know it’s easy for me to say this from my relatively privileged existence, but - is there a way you can reframe your experience that is more useful to you? Instead of “Bad things keep happening to me”, maybe try “I have the strength to endure anything.” Any time you catch yourself thinking “bad things keep happening” or “ugh another bad thing just happened”, replace the thought with “I have the strength to endure anything”. Repeat it to yourself and know it’s true - look at what you have been through.

That is quite a hectic list.

I don’t think there is one single spell that is going to turn everything around for you. But I think it might be helpful to write down a list of everything that you would like to change, and then think about how you are going to change it, whether through magical or practical means (or in often cases, both).

Then you can decide things like - you’re going to call on entities to help with your financial situation, which should help with your employment opportunities and monetary situation, which would enable you to seek treatment for PTSD/trauma/agoraphobia and social issues. Or, you’re going to start exercising to build your physical strength - maybe take up a martial art, if that is within your means, or follow tai chi or yoga workouts online if it isn’t; when your financial situation improves then maybe you can join a yoga/martial art class to form new social connections, et cetera. Meanwhile, focus on meditating and your own inner personal development.

When you have smaller and more manageable goals, you should more easily be able to see where magic will tip the balance in your favour; e.g., to give you more opportunities for employment; to make you appear more favourable during the job interview; to attract kind and stable people into your life as friends.