Bad Colleague


Hi there, great Masters and Neophytes of the art …
I have a problem and wanted your take on the matter.
There is a person a work who spreads untrue rumors and slander about people she does not agree with or just dislikes.
I too have be come the victime of this.
Do you have a protection/destruction spell that works ?

Thank you so much for your help…




I’d by trying to play something along the lines of glamouring her and then through subtle cues using her as a weapon to be directed as you move up the ladder of your business.

If you didn’t want to go that way I’d work a ritual with the intention of having her get caught in a web of her own lies, perhaps something using mercurial energies and entities. I have observed that people who behave like she does have low self esteem, there is a risk that if you just send a demon off to destroy her life she is likely to go down thrashing, as her reality implodes her esteem will hit an all time low and possibly cause her to direct her spite out more than usual.


Wanna play Hoodoo?

This will remind you of a certain scene of “The Devil’s Advocate” … :wink:

If you try this share your experience…

“How to Stop Gossip”

  • Ingredients:
    A whole beef tongue - A piece of virgin parchment paper - A can of ground black pepper - A fountain pen - A spool of black cord - Dragon’s Blood ink - 9 steel pins - A whip or leather belt - A piece of black cloth.
  1. Split a cheap beef tongue in half, beginning at the base (wide end). Leave the tip intact.
  2. Write the name of the gossiper on the virgin parchment: “May the wagging tongue of (name) burn till bitter turns to sweet” (If you do not know the name, simply use “the wagging tongue.”)
  3. Lay the paper lengthwise in the center of the tongue, and cover the entire center with black pepper.
  4. Close the tongue and fasten seams with the steel pins. Put four pins on each side, and pierce the tip with the ninth pin.
  5. Wrap the tongue from base to tip in black cord. Wrap it tightly.
  6. Place the tongue on a piece of black cloth and put it in a dark closet or under a piece of furniture.
  7. Rise every morning at 6 A.M. and whip the tongue with the leather strap. Think of the disharmony caused by the gossip as you beat the tongue. Do this every day until the tongue begins to smell of decay.
  8. Then cover the tongue with salt and wrap it in the black cloth.
  9. Take the tongue for a ride to a large body of water. As you throw the tongue in the ocean, lake, or river, say, “May her/his mouth be cleaned.” Return home by a different route. Wash your hands with salt and water, rinse your mouth with salt water, and eat a piece of something sweet.

Do not, hereafter, mention the name of the gossiper. The rumors will soon stop"

(taken from “Jambalaya” by Luisah Teish)


Since hoodoo got mentioned I’ll chime in. You could also create a vinegar jar to cause conflict with the colleague and her boss and possibly het her fired, if you have access to any of their personal effects ( buisiness cards, used chewing gum etc.) add this along with some vinegar, red pepper to inflame the situation, hair of a cat and dog, allum to silence their ability to communicate, poppy seeds to add confusion. If you know of any food allergies they have that can be thrown in as well to help sicken them to each other. Almost forgot 9 needles, nails or a piece of briar with 9 thorns.

Place each item in the jar and state your intent for example with the cat/dog hair state may insert names fight like cats and dogs. When you’ve added all the ingriedients pour the vinegar over the items and state as this vinegar is sour so your collegues relationship with her boss sour. Now shake the living shit out of that jar while thinking of all the pain this person has caused you. Imagine them inside that jar getting mixed with all those things you added.

You can either burn a black candle on top of it on each Tuesday and Saturday or you can burn a black candle next to it after shaking it up on those days. Burn a white candle for yourself in a separate part of the house and take a cleansing bath afterwards at the very least a salt bath, a hyssop bath would be preferable.

I have used bottle spells in the past with good results. Hope it helps and good luck.