Bad atmosphere after simple sigil evocation

I have an unusual problem. I realized that every time I performed in one room the simple evocation (that includes gazing at sigil and saying “… come”, the people that are spending some time there, are much more likely to fight and have an argue with each other. Should I perform some banishings after this ritual? Like LBRP ? My skills are really low. I can just sense the temperature lowering and small atmosphere change, so maybe I don’t notice something important?

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Banishments would be a good idea, regardless of the method of choice. Evocation can change the atmosphere of an area due to the energy a spirit can bring. Not everyone can handle the energy the same way and it can result in changes of behavior. I had to quite heavily while working with Beelzebub for that reason.


What sigil you used?

Belial’s, Ipos’s, Clauneck’s, Mammon’s, Bune’s and Bartzabel’s

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And if you are curious about reason, I tried to evoke someone to help me and my relatives with wealth and finances.

Ea koetting has a video on the Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram I do it before and after every ritual

Calling on Lord Yeesch will help as well

Should I memorise how to do that banishing step-by-step?

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Its even better if you can trace pentagram of air, water rather than doing same pentagram all 4 corners


@Kamsky Who did you call on and for what purpose? Did you give the license to depart? Sounds like it may be lingering, or just the vibe because of the connection that must remain while you are in a working relationship with a spirit. I remember when I began hexing the guy my ex-wife of 14 years started cheating on me with. I can’t harm her because my dumb ass still loves her, even tho I don’t want her after that, so he gets the wrath. He did wrong because he started fucking my girl that he knew was in a long standing, committed relationship. Anyway, when I first started calling on various demons to make his life hell on Earth, I was sitting at my computer one night, thinking nothing about it or the occult in general ( I was looking at opium poppy seed vendors ). Suddenly and quite strongly, I felt as if eyes were boring into my back, and the definite presence of something malicious and hateful. I tried paying it no mind and it eventually petered out The next day, as I pondered what it could have been, I remembered the hex ( I forget which demon I called on first to do what to the bastard ) and the huge amounts of hatred, wrath, and similar emotions I focused and infused the ritual with during the ritual a night or 2 before. I’m pretty sure it was the demon letting me know it was on task, and/or the lingering emotions I had and the connection I had with the demon as it’s will became intertwined with mine. It felt like it was right behind me, but behind my computer chair is a big bookcase where nobody can fit. It seems to be going nicely


I don’t know why you would evoke all those at once unless you have per-existing relationships with at least one of the those entities (and preferably all or most of them.) If you do all that at once, it can be hard to figure out what is going on or who you are not getting on with, and if some of those entities brought extra spirits and such with them.

what i find useful for me is to Burn Sage/Palo Santo, or I use a dried stingray tail to ward anything off. dragon blood can help too. or you can summon call on Archangel Michael.

i was dealing with a spirit in my house for a while after evoking demons. and oh boy it was a fun experience to be annoyed by this spirit when i was about to go bed every single night. now it is less of a problem, as I used the aformentioned.

another thing, make sure you burn any sigils after you use them, or fold them into your book of magic.