"Bad Air" (wikipedia call it miasma)

So, here I’m working with Marbas and Rafael and today I had this very bad case of “Burping”, I burp for like an hour but everytime I did was like if a “bad air” was going out my body I even threw up… while I was burping the bad air I had visions of stuff like some sick people I have met (I mean, with sick in sense of disease), my ex girlfriend, I kitty I killed when young (womething I regret), I even saw images of hittler and grey aliens in my mind eye while I was throwing up.

either way, I had had a very hard case of fatigue syndrome and fibromialgia, and right now almost all the pain has gonne… I feel my muscles so relaxed even my posture changed, even my bones look different, I mean my back was curved and now it isn’t.

I have had the vision of a purple entity around me for a while, a couple of years I don’t trust it and I want to kill it (and I’m working on it) and while I was burping I felt different “entities” going out… It was like trhowing up astral puke so to speak.

Does anyone had had a similar case, and if the answer is yes, what did you do? I want to try chinese medicine, that suction glass stuff look like the thing I need, I feel my pains are all… “air”, but a painful one.

Also I know my dad was cursed by an exgirlfriend when he married my mom, I was like 2 years old and I know my grandma was affected (She still seems to have remains of the stuff). I’ll use tarot to know if is related but meanwhile if anyone has any advice I’ll apreciate a lot.

good luck with your healings (Y)