Backing up Belial's Bold claim on Genomic Advancement

I remember having seen someone reseurching for way’s to alter the Memory of a Target victim.
Now, this here seems very interesting to me, as i didn’t like that attack very much.
I had a deep understanding of how much of the Person would be destroyed by changing up his/her memory back then.
Now, this here mentiones exactly a pattern in genomicy, which makes the difference of Brain deteration or staying intelligent an on top of the game for a full lifetime.
-> which in a sense also helps with the question of what is achievable within a Lifetime, and helps stay into the current vessle.

  • That’s even useful for those whom allready are very advanced on their path to personal immortality.

Open for any Replys regarding the combination of mental and physiological.

Thanks to everyone participating allready!!!



oh plus - for the real dark magick fans:
Scopolamine - also known as Hyoscin is used to make such brain alterations which allow the target victim to completely loose memory.
Combined with Hypnotization, that becomes a very potent - and dangerous attack.

-it’s made from Mandragora (genus) - Wikipedia.