Back to Lilith

Man I am all over the place with the entities that I call in a single day.

Moving on Mr and/or Ms. Witch. (See what I did there🤪)

I spoke Lilith’s enn. That’s it for about give or take a few minutes I don’t know

I felt a Surge of current slam into my body and I’m sitting cross cross apple sauce in a chair.

I’m always surprised at the amount of sudden quick energy I feel that goes from 1 to “OH FUCK” very very quickly.

I spoke my request and she left.

I love Lilith for the single purpose I’ve deduced that she has no objection to letting me feel her shove me and it felt like a lightning bolt hit my soul and tried to rip me out of my body.

Thanks Lilith. You kink.


Great progress. Looking forward to future posts.

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