Back to basics:

After much thought I have decided to restart on the path and learn all basics from scratch. This is because I feel I simply rushed through to Invocation and Spirit Work. I believe that after a few weeks I can start practicing again (at basic level). However I’d like to limit the amount of Spirits I work with during this time. How can I tell them respectfully that I need some more time before I continue working with them? I will still be working with 3 Demons, 2 Archangels and 1 or 2 Pagan Gods and an Elemental King.

Also has anyone else ever restarted on their path?


Me many times after I fucked myself up, demons sended me to basics

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Just burn a candle and state your intentions, that should be enough. Just make sure you follow through with those intentions.


I’m not really in a place to use candles right now.

Plus part of my intentions is getting to know the Spirits I work with better.

A return to basics is always necessary imho in every field.