Baby Lucifer

First where am i now?

I have finished my initiations trough the Sephiroth with purely demonic forces.


I am initiating trough the sephirotic tree this time traditionaly with the angels.


Holding this time just one job wich is finally stable has a very good income and can allow me to become more independent than before, it is demanding on times.


Are the reasons why i am just able to just post memes and or clown musics.

I find rarely anymore the time to do stuff for others, or for me, nor here as of now.

And i do plan to create my own site where i will post my stuff more than here.

This open book is a journal and grimoire as usual.

:crown: LUX :snake: ANGUIS :fleur_de_lis:


It is rather interesting when i initiated trough the drakonian emenations - the demonic sephirotic initiations at the past times…

There i have worked at the pinacle 3 damn jobs in these damn last months. I whas a cook/food deliverer for the government, and doing my best to be a insurance salesman besides that after work and of course in work wich whas quite an cool expirience but whas rather on the long run not sustainable for my overal charakter. And on weekends i worked in a gym as an sports assistant and overal clergy.

And at the initiatory pivotal end all came crashing down and i stoped working regularly for nearly 8 months. Except in my early stages of initiation when i started again with the angels on a sea bar as an barkeeper and housemaster but came abruptly to an end after 3 months or so because of toxic/initiatory reasons.

Than after 5 months of searching initiating and swirling around in life i reached a very crucial point in my path where i faced my past traumas with archangel Michael (sephira hod)bc he whas an active force in the past wich bounded parts of my soul and spirit and cursed it .

Well after my integration of this sephira and that of archangel Michael hence the liftance of these bindings and curses,the difference of my life where night and day.(Made peace with Archangel Michael for real and he with me also, it manifested in my life by literally people constantly manifesting as named Michael and having made as recent a physical friend called Michael)

From literaly Uh im retarded to i have finally not so anymore a retarded fucking life on both realitys internaly and externally.(Except my taste in humor sometimes …höhöhö)

I am very happy i listen to my inner daimon my inner guide and god what i must do to achieve my godhood and ultimately my independence from anything unnecessary toxic, hindering, blocking my o(p)ath and overal life, goals, and ultimately realising my empire.

Of course i am not completely there yet and i will not stay at this un/comfortable job forever because of good money and having finally a “normal” expirience. I know i am there also because it seems the primal craft pantheon hecate lucifer and belial seem to be for now a primary guide in my overal initiations .And hecate pretty much made this workplace a reality for me she posessed certain persons in my life to guide me there. It is a job at a seed firm-logistics and storage where i am a logistic assistant(Hecate is also known to be a goddess of agriculture, and many more thinks). I must handle there all sorts of seeds and maintenance and logistics its crazy but fullfilling as of now. The symbols wich are sacred to hecate are filled there to the brim if you have the opened eyes to perceive.

Because my soul loooong craved to have at least for a while a “normal” expirience as a somewhat perceived normal and capable person. I am sick to the stomach to be told and being a incompitent retarded defranchised piece of trash in some ever forms whatsoever.

And for that i literally whas forced to face with my past because i whas so different from all the kids back than people thought i whas autistic made the doctoral tests as a kid guess what i wasnt and still am not, but simply didnt gave and didnt give naturaly a single fuck what normal shool or life whas or is something like that.

(At the first time going in class gues what i did, i relaxed in active class behind the back of class on the comfortable sofa eated a apple while the teacher showed us the lessons, and that bitch couldnt say anything or show guide me to anything because she couldnt handle kids like me who simply didnt cared like the rest of em-she teported me on this testing station for retarded kids wich came out ultimately negative and proved them wrong)

It whas one of the major traumas that haunted me subcounciously and in real life, for years and still does to some extent wich i still heal and surely overcome/integrate ACTIVELY and PASSIVELY.

And now i have after 24 years a normal job with good income WOW. Ironicly and unironicly.

But deep inside of me i never gave up not as an kid, not as an young adult, patient, sick man, not as an initiate not as an soul and spirit. Nobody and nothing could ever really breack me or stop me ot really put me in a concealed box, i allways break out sooner or later. I am here still breathing, thriving, growing and becoming day by day only stronger, wiser, bether in every way.

All could only teach me and harden/refine my steel of true will my fire of my soul my deification and selfrealisations.

I hope this inspires and motivates and strenghtens your resolve to be authentic to who you truly are and to push trough the bullshit theses internal and external systems and people,society, wants to dump on you



:crown:LUX :snake: ANGUIS :fleur_de_lis:

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Day 8760 of listening to this masterpiece

Basicly me(Batman) before i stoped watching youtubeshorts(Joker) for good.

Because it is promoting borderline Pedoshit and other stuff…in these memes, when i watched back than youtube shorts regularly.

And after a while i became awarer of that bc its frequenzy and i just thought damn thats shit sick i do not want to support and watch these shits and have my own mind on memes.


Joker has an point too to actual Batman thou🤭



I know its an epic title for a rather simple and rough explanations what has been going on in my Initiatory trials and magikal life-style alltogether.

What happened you may ask.
Well i finished successfully my Forklift certificate!
I finished successfully my 7 day waterfast while working my job. I succesfully initiate further on the sephirotic tree of life while facing its many challenges and its many transformations despite me swiming in other and rather harsh currents.

Well i know ultimately where i wana go spiritually is to succesfully initiate myself into the qlipoth and my previous attempts where just at my past counciousness and capacitys and level too catastropic to handle for me.

But troughout the years i developed a good and nurtured conection/communication to my inner divinity.
Wich instructs me to first as much as i am able to to deeply initiate myself into the sephirotic tree. And that i mean very siriously including all 32 paths , sephirotic outlands, the transsephirotic labyrinth/Supra universal gateway, its planetary beneficial rulers, the zodiacal angelic initiations.really all i can get my claws on.

This time of course classicly with angels allready done that with demonic or rather dark intelligences but whas aparently for me not enough.

And it seems i am being lead to pursue and build up a good relationship with the 5 atlantean triumviarte named Hecate Lucifer Belial Sepheranz Lilith first before delving into the qlipoth and initiating succesfully.

Wich i had been doing roughly for half a year now wich caused me to actually open up deep parts of my subcouncius wich is constantly pushing up in my dreamstate and troughout day to day living and strifing my past memorys good and bad, and shadows , and of course a good amount of unleashed traumas wich also manifest as these weird shadows. Its even a bit conected to my initiation into the supra universal gateways initiations wich currently causes me to access past inkarnation gnosis and aparently it includes even this one. Because everytime you expirience a rather heavymetal trauma-s and egodeaths your now being dies and rebirths itself but rather without loosing your physical body-mostly.

:crown:LUX :snake:ANGUIS :fleur_de_lis:



First of all i had to stop at my recent workplace simply being and working there.
The Work was quiet nice and allright but the relations there with people was very toxic to me and to my mental health, it was too much what my capacitys were able to handle.

It is just another think to add unto my personal death note, and anoter battery to feed me, and to also help me train my overall malediction capacitys/skills, more not, unfortunately…

This timeperiod i initiated into tipheret and it was suprisingly very hard on me, my self image, my traumas regarding the self. Even thou one thinks its just angels and the sephiroth it suprisingly forces one to profound shadow work and healing and challenges.

In that time period and even now i am being led to work places and thinks that have to do with removing the old and dirty and destroyed thinks and clean thinks up , nearly every time . It just programs my subcouncius i think to release the actually, my old and dirty thinks and or process the dirt and making/transmuting it into a refined and or higher sate of being.

Wich is a part also of practicing occult/psychic vampirism its a part of it. Because not every energy will be clean and the more your system is trained to even process and transmute even the bad stuff , youll gain profound vampyric powers and resistance in that regards.Curses and bullshits trown at you will be at a profound level just some extras you can feed upon and gain further power .

I am speaking here only out of my own expiriences. All the novice Vampyres who are begining to feel the bad stuff and than completely stop practicing and or working on that ability and capacitys are failing in that self initiatory aspects of that path, on my opinion.

But you decide what is the best for you, at the end, ALLWAYS!

The tiphereth pathway is to be known by the tarot speaking, and un invertedly version of it to be the devil.

Before i came to tipherets sphere working i had to pass the path that conects netzach and tipheret wich is the devil un inverted.

I was faced with many temptations of old relationships, and 3 damn times…remember universe mostly works with 3 after the 3 time you didnt take the oportunity, it most likely vanishes even for the bad stuff to take action on it.

I was tried to go into one night stands/quickis/entanglements,
3 times, and it felt just wrong with the wrong people and i quiet blankly just refused to waste my essence on them.

The other think was i even got into the role of the devil myself.

I had an co worker who had many problems and i knew any help ill gift unto this individual will never come back in any shape or form, because i knew he was a snake.

So i had to make a profound deal with him. I Blankly stated .
|=If i give you the money parts of your soul belongs to me, if uncompensated freely back=| He completely understood what i just said…

He took and shook my hand than alike in a classical devil pact, and than it was aranged.

Gifted him at the end of all of his tribulations and problem solvings it came to 1800 euros.I did my part as this devil
Funily when it all started ,when we both drove to the Moneymachine and before that happened another biger vehicle was before us and the Number shield was 666 and the advertisement on it was MY BEST FRIEND!

Just like the devil is my best friend,

18 divided 3 times is 666.

666 is known to be the number of the sun, the devil, the beast, sorath, shugal combined with choronzon(this dude failed his path- so i eat his soul alike these devils do) .

And bam this dude beliefed he could outplay me&the classical devil, and trick me, sorry ma man, you arent aware with what forces youve reckoned with , you just faced a literal master of trickery!

He lied to me nearly 11 times (ALL THE TIMES), into my face, unto the literal devils face and think(hope) he doesnt smell your Bullshit…

…I gathered enough evidence to bring this shriveled mole parasite infested piece of shit to sue him plus i am geting parts of his soul essence.

Double whamy for the devil!

So very symbolic and in sync!

But a part of tipheret is also to embody the savior the budha the selfless helper so i fasted for 1 week straight waterfasting and helped people without a charge freely, to pass my trials. And gotten significantly trough all of that in touch with my authentic self and my inner higher self my divintiy at the end of the tests.

And at the exact end of my tipheret initiation a 13 grafiti was painted near my workplace in yellow just like the corespondences color for tiphereth .
13 is in corespondence as for death transformation , manifestation and leting go.

And at the exact moment that happened, when i had to let go of this job, i found (bether sait it found me) another job wich logo colors exactly corespondences the initiations i went trough Netzach and tipheret/ so far and will go trough in the future mainly Geburah and chesed.

All in all it instilled in me aprofounf need and realisation of self healing on all levels and selfdiscovery and integrations of many aspects thatvi certainly needed to grow and to evolve!

:crown: LUX :snake: ANGUIS :fleur_de_lis:

Me preparing my materials in a very bad mood for initiating into Geburah, and my phone decided(the Angel)to play this goofy ah music at a random, making the process somewhat fun and lighten me up a bit(am goofy mode).

I must say Archangel Chamuel has the greatest humor so far to beings i have ever expirience like damn …i cant.:rofl:

This is the damn video that COINCIDENTALLY came reight before i peform my proper initiation ritual and this just made sense because i peformed a sexual magical sacrifice unto my Initiatory process into this, some weeks before hand :rofl::rofl: Chamuel chill

Its even in an heavenly setting o god huuu🤣