Baby Demonolater

Hello everyone! I am not new to the study of occult and I’m not even new to the concept of satan worship… I dabbled there many years ago. But I am TOTALLY NEW to Demonoaltry. I am here with an open mind and heart to learn as much as I can about the Demonic pantheon and to learn the truth about them and ultimately enter into relationship.

It is very interesting to me to hear people mention the words Demon and loving, positivity, helpful, kind or anything else similar. They sound like any Gods from any pantheon. I know that not everything is how Christians teach (which is GREAT!) but I’m still new to understanding Demons in a non Christian context. I’m excited to learn!!!

Thanks folks!


same with me, i found them to be very understanding, at least those i worked with a bit, i reccomend lucifer and this site

Glad to have you here.

Thank you so much!

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Great! Thanks a lot. I will certainly be checking that site out! I had Lucifer in mind as well. We’ll see. lol. Good to know they are understanding…I’m gonna need that. Haha

the ones that ive worked with are

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you just need to approach with respect and slowly


Absolutely…makes sense! Thanks!

How long have you been working with them?


Please tell us what, exactly, you have experience in?

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Lucifer I just started but we talk almost every day, or we try to.

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Hey there! Thank you.

Over the past 10 years I have studied so many religions, phiilosophies, traditions etc…Many of which have included Occult topics…but to be honest, with most of them I haven’t delved totally in. I was always just eating at the buffet so to speak, amazed by and devouring everything that I could. I am just now getting to a point when it comes to occult material to dig in and get to the meat and the bones…

Now, my actual tradition that I DO practice and delve into is known as Ifa. It is an African Traditional religion. This I have been doing DAILY for about 3 years now. We have our own very vibrant and active and alive pantheon of Deities that we deal with! lol. So through this, I am very well accustomed to ritual, offerings, sacrifices, spirit contact etc…

Like I said…the Demons sound very much like any other pantheon to me. Namely…none of them are all good or all bad. They each engender a certain aspect of creation and like us have likes, dislikes etc…and if you come with respect and humility, they will be a source of blessing…if you come with disrespect or arrogance…well lets just say my traditions pantheon will set you straight really quickly…and I assume the Demons will as well.

So…short answer, lol…I have experience with ritual, spirit contact (through several mediums, including possession, though I have never personally be possessed, I’ve been there while others were), Satanism, some hermetic principles, etc…

Hope all that makes sense!

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience.

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Of course. Thanks for asking

Satanism? Theistic?

Yes. It was Theistic Satanism mostly…but also some atheistic satanism…like Church of Satan…I was just generally interested in the whole subject at the time. I also was reading through stuff from the lady that had Joy of Satan ministries and some other groups

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I have never been a satanist probs never will, but i know about Lavey

but Theistic Idk about

Yeah…it was interesting. I’m not one now though…

The only thing that I had trouble really understanding with Satanism (and Demons also) is the parts that seem reliant on Christian mythos. It almost felt like…we’re mad at christianity so let’s worship their enemy…as opposed to an actual belief in the truth and goodness of Satan or the demons, and just believing that it had been twisted when christianity came on the scene. I grew up in a very Christian household like everyone else…and so when I see grimoire’s portrying Christian words, symbols etc…I must admit it is challenging.

I feel like Christianity twists so many things…so i don’t want to know how Christians interpret these entities…I want to know how they really are…seeing as how they predate Christianity.

Like in my current tradition, Christians twist it and say that we worship demons (as anything not christian is demonic to them of course) because of some of our practices but they totally misunderstand and when you know our deities, you know the Christian idea is incorrect.

Does that make sense? Sorry for that tangent. lol

yea it makes sense, thoug i feel that satanists who follow that path out of spite for christianity do not really understand spirituality, now, me personally, idk about Satan, ive never met the guy, dont even know if he exists as a conscious entity, to me its symbolic