hey all.

anyone worked with babalon energy? i’m considering walking this path for a while as crowley and jack parsons did, but to be perfectly frank, i’m terrified of the implications.

after the Lake of Fire, i’ve had this incredible desire to go even deeper and throw myself completely into the lunacy of it all, but at the moment it feels as though i’m being dragged kicking and screaming towards my destiny. it’s been an incredible stress on me physically, psychologically and emotionally, but it feels as though i’m more aligned than ever with the ebb and flow of the universe.

to this end, it almost feels as though i’m in the world, but not of the world, as the saying goes. there’s a cold detachment to my life and even my own ego, but in turn, that makes me feel objectified and as a result, a little reckless with what i will now do with myself.

i’ve clearly entered a spiral but i don’t know where it’s taking me. on the one hand i feel a magnetism toward daemonic currents which has always served me well (albeit never to this extreme) and i’m honestly at a loss as to whether or not i should resist. i don’t want to, as i’m curious as to where this is going to take me, but i can’t help but think on the risks of this kind of path. is there a fine line one can walk, or has that line been left far, far behind? if so, where am i, where am i going, and what will the end result be? rebirth? transmutation? alchemy? or something far less appealing?

if anyone has experience being in this deep and going this hard at their Art, or any experience with working with the energies of babalon, advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated. and, quickly too, please, as my descent seems to be accelerating.

kind regards, james.

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You know way,way,way more than me, but I would be certain these were my decisions and not the strong influence of some other entity. Please keep me posted on your future endeavors, I love reading the descriptions and outcomes of your ascent.

Two of the spirits around me are from babylon.

you’ve already damned yourself in the lake of fire. what else do you have to lose or protect?


that’s not the damnation everyone thinks it is, and i only found the words to describe it last night. in my experience, the lake of fire destroys the ego and the illusion of singularism. it destroys the “i” but not through unification with the divine. it is the nadir point after the human being has been reduced to insignificant meat. we are not in control, but just along for the ride. the “soul”, now freed and transmuted is no longer confused with the psychological ego. the idea that “i AM what i am”. no, not any-fucking-more.

now, there’s only “i am”, which has nothing to do with the physical/psychological being moving as an insignificant unit through this world. by removing the “i am”, there is no difference between that and what “i am not”. again, if this were unification, there wouldn’t even be an “i” (like nirvana). for simplicity, let’s say i’m at the point of “i am not what i am”, but the path to unification could be said to be “i am what i am not”.

suffice to say this is extremely uncomfortable and has been accompanied by severe episodes of pathological anxiety.

also, i’m talking about babalon, not babylon.

and i don’t know more than anyone else. i just read a lot.

-kind regards, james.

oh don’t take what i was saying as a negative or anything of the sort. i’m only addressing that you’re worrying about risks. after your experience, you’ve already chosen your path.

so, if this is the path you want to take, take it.

oh no i wasn’t criticising your reply, it’s just that i’m frustrated by the lack of an adequate language to express such complex ideas. kind of like why german and russian poetry is so much more evocative than even the best english verse. it’s damned frustrating.

my decisions are certainly my own, and i am not being influenced (consciously) by any particular entity. however, sometimes you make decisions without all the necessary information, or more accurately, sometimes we need to make decisions with only very little information on hand. once they’re made, we can honestly say that we’ve done the best we can, given the circumstances, but these are choices which can’t be reversed and, frustratingly, ones which were entered into without any concept of the possible repercussions. curiosity usually drives this, which is all good and very human, but it doesn’t make it any easier. the further you go, too, the fewer people there are who can relate, as each experience becomes infinitely unique as it evolves.

i have no resolution to this thread. all i can say is that i am going to evoke as much as i can over the next few days to try and make sense of it all. i’ll let you know when i finally come across a good outcome.


Does it have to be all or nothing? Do you have to rush so quickly in your descent, experiencing serious anxiety and stress and possibly becoming imbalanced? If your feeling this way couldn’t you take a few days or weeks off from spiritual practice and ground yourself, then continue one sure step at a time?

Now I don’t know about babalon or babylon spirits or lakes of fire, but I do know EA stated that one of the most accurate criticisms of black magic is the magician can develop/descend too much too fast which can lead to immense instability…

My opinion is stay where you are until you no longer feel anxious or stressed… then proceed a little more - like a scuba diver descending a little then stopping to acclimatise before going deeper.

Reach your goal intact, allow the rest of your being to catch up with you so you don’t come apart.

were it that i could! thank you for the considerate reply, but once one steps off the edge, one cannot command gravity to drag us down a little slower, or at a less frightening pace.

the terror is slowly subsiding, the revelations are making more sense piece by piece, and i’m ready to see how deep this rabbit hole goes:)

i’m still terrified, but not for what IS, but for what MAY be. hamlet put it best in his famous monologue.

when i find the words, i will relay what i have learned, with thanks to virdon djinn and soundwave.

kind regards, james.


I have not gone through the Lake of Fire ritual as you have, but I have delved very far into demonic path, as far as evoking harsh godforms and very very dark entities. All I can say is (and I’ve read E.A. say the same as well) my best advise would be to continue on the path you see fit, but keep the seperation from your magickal and normal life. Yes, both will and need to interact, but a line must be drawn at some point. My practice spilled over to the point to where I was a complete outlaw, my demonic magickal ritual became my life and how I lived it. Seperate the two and delve into it. If you can create a seperate mentality for ritual, it will help you beyond words. See how far it will take you when you dive into it I say, but set your boundries within your mind first.

Brutus asked if it has to be all or nothing. That’s the way that I work, I would have to answer yes. All or nothing is what sparks change and intuition. You have done that from the Lake of Fire (that’s next for me in a few months, working on demonic ancestor rituals first). For change/evolution you need a catalyst. You have had one; my advise would be to ride with it, with the seperation between that and normal life. In the end your path is yours, your best judgement will be the most correct path for you.

indeed, separation is required else the lines between advancement and insanity become blurred. thank you for your considered response, and yes, i agree that it tends to be all or nothing. magic is a process and it works in unpredictable ways. given our human limitations, the outcome we imagine does not always (and even, rarely ever) take the path we first imagined. i’ve found, of late, that it’s not the attainment of a specific goal which is the benefit of even simple attraction magic, but the realisation that what we attract has its own merits and serves the purpose we had in mind, even if it seems to be the furthest thing from our original desire. one could either complain that the working was unsuccessful, or take great joy in what would not have otherwise manifested at all.

at first it’s a little frustrating, but it soon becomes a humbling an enlightening experience.

kind regards, james.

Don’t have any experience with the lake of fire ritual, but if you’re interested in working with Babalon I highly suggest reading “The Red Goddess” by Peter Grey.

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oh yeah i’ve got all their books. i even contributed an essay for their Mandragora anthology (shameless plug:)


lol if it weren’t for magic, my life would be dull as hell. of course the flipside is a raging clusterfuck of serendipity and uncanny events, but at least it’s not boring lol.

my work with babalon has come to an abrupt halt, i’m afraid. i’m now faced with the question of romantic love vs impersonal love and so the nature of babalon as the holy whore sort of falls away. ironically, with impersonal love comes a deeper understanding of the daemonic mind, if you can call it that. i guess it’s nothing more than an acknowledgement of universality beyond the confines of the human organism (in body, mind, emotion, desire etc) but it could also be an indication of emerging godhood (or daemon princedom?)… i dunno. i’m too deep in experiencing this to be able to analyse it objectively.

what i do know, however, is that babalon has lost a great deal of mystery and allure for me over the past few weeks. i’m not entirely sure why, but i hope it’s not a sign of spiritual retardation!