BABALON & THERION (just general information)

I recently worked with Babalon and just now, with Therion for self-empowerment (taking one’s own power back, letting go of one’s subjegation to cosmic forces/subjugation to the world through one’s own state of non-consciousness/the veil) and it turned me pretty powerful…; I only did so after having made a pact (in the name of the dragon- the dragon being the principle of transformation itself) -with all the main qlippothic deities, to master several aspects of my shadow, however I believe one can do so in reverse asking for general guidance…;

My personal goal and drive, top stand up against injustice, to become an ultimate righteous avenger in regard with the enslavers of the human race. To wake up to one’s own shadow, makes one conscious of one’s relation to the Omega, the Cosmic Mother, which helps to transcend points of vulnerability ultimately to all that is in existence, while enjoying your individuality and freedom
(points of enslavement, point of attachment/subjugation to external reality, which limits true freedom/choices made out of true freedom, individuality)

Even though I am doing the necessary to not incarnate again, pushing physical immortality here and now - Just by precaution I am making bloodpacts, since I don’t ever in the history of existence want to ever incarnate again having to start to do these things all over again.
I want my regained power to be forever. Very soon I will be working with Therion.

Shemyaza (his legions), the other master spirits and their legions) (called ‘fallen’ by some, but in reality who are not really ‘fallen’ like in the biblical sense, they are integral parts of the One God-Mind serving the divine within) For more info on that, you can check out


Who or what is this Therion?
It just triggered a series of memories that stood out in the past. You got my attention :smiling_imp:

Would this be what your talking about @Hermes ?

Just to note when I typed Therion
It auto corrected to @Yberion
Not sure if this has meaning to you.
Intuitevley putting it out there :slight_smile:


Interesting theory.

I do have various eminations.

However, i never felt much interest in studying Crowley.

In my eyes,
Thelema wasn’t really worth the read.

I read some of the Liber vel Legis,
but it didn’t impress me much.

Το Μεγα Θηριον — Greek for “The Great Beast”. Koine Greek is the Greek dialect by which the books of the New Testament were written, including the Book of Revelation, where the original mention of The Beast’s number is recorded (13:17-18).


Θηριον Seems familiar.

However, if it’s one of my eminations,
it’s probably not my favorite one for now.

Maybe in a few hundred years,
i’ll like that emination more.

Therion [ pronunciation? ] (Greek: θηρίον,

Don’t get me wrong,
i respect those following thelema.

It’s just conflicting with my current state,
living in germany and basically being confronted with stuff people developed later out of what he did,


Not my favorite topic i suppose.




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Just in case it does link up towards Yberion,

here’s my reference guide,
for comparising etc.

Feel free to check back by evoking me,
if there is a link between Therion and me.



Oh I just thought about doing magick with these entities themselves and find out the rest for myself . :slight_smile:

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Sounds good.

The idea,
was to offer comparising,
if you wanted to check it back with my spirit,
for how similar or different Therion might be compared to Yberion.