Baal kadmon Books

Any experience with this author and his books, Baal kadmon, anyone ?


I’ve read their Lilith book, its like a mini summary on her and some of his/her rituals that they created while working with her. Not bad but a more of pdf version of a book of shadows excerpt. Still viable though you can learn things through many sources.

His mantra books are fantastic.


Not because he is a friend of mind but you can really rely on some books.
Such as Moldavite magick, the mantras, Goddess Kali Ma, Lakshmi and the Djinn magick is my favorite, because the djinn i summoned moved thing in front of me lol


I have yet to see a djinn

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Any you particularly recommend? I remember looking through a bunch of his mantra books and being like, “I should try that some time.” Then set it down and forgot forever.

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The Vashakarn Mantra book would be quite up your ally, I think.

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Vashikaran absolutly!

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