Azazels Ritual to Bind your Enemies: The Silencer

If you live with perfectionists of any sort, this will bind them so they cannot speak ill of you. It will actually make them into a normal human being for once. Their voice will be silenced and at the same time your self confidence will be rebuilt where it has been shattered and be increased to stand against their harsh words. This also works for Silencing the Inner Perfectionist, as well as Gossip of any sort.

What you will need

● Nothing but your Own Mind

What you will Do

Begin by structuring a blob of black energy in your mind and forming it into a black candle. The candle should be short. Not a Tapered one.

Once this candle is formed and solidified before you, push your Blood energy into it while chanting “Itz rel Itz rel Azazel, Alash tad Alash tal lash tal lash tu”

Then chant:
Itz ratchu mantantu vespacha kaltamu
Itz ranta mant kala mant asu belt tasu
Vaskalla itz ratchu mantantu velchatza

The Flame will light before you, alinging the gateways of Blood and Fire.

At this point the entire Vizualization will take on a life of its own, even if only slightly. The candle flame will be red due to the blood, so use your WILL to change the flame to Black. Do not fret or be dismayed if you only get a black trim around the flame. It will still work.

I open the Gateway of Fire, Aligned with Blood and I open the Gateways and Backdoors of Saturn and Binah.
Let the Tounges of My Enemies be Bound in Blood and Fire. Let them Be Silenced.
I command the Legions of Saturn to go forth and remove the power of speech from those who would speak ill of me in any way shape form or fashion. At the same time, let my confidence to not care about their words be strengthened and magnified and sharpened in me!
Let my Enemies become Dumb and Their Voice Removed.

(At this point feel the release of your desire taking place and feel it leave you then say)

So it is done. Itz rel Itz rel Azazel!
(Give Sign of The Horns)

Conclude the Rite by letting the candle and all fade from your mind.



Good ritual! Any tools that might help with this? Any suggested add ons

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The things you can add are:

Physical Candle (:laughing:)
Azazels Sigil
Square of Saturn or Binah
A Sigil of the Div, Savar (He deals with speech)
Or you can call on Naonghithiya, the Div of Rebellion to aid in smashing those Verbal Shackles
Thats just what I suggest tho. The optimal from him is to just do the rite as is.



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If I decide to use a different God, then what do I say when I speak the words after structuring the candle?

Also, why is the candle black?


You dont lol. This rite is specifically attuned to Azazel and the Saturnian Current.

The candle is black because it represents…wait for it… SATURN and manipulation, restriction, and its the color of Legions (they blacken the sun)


Savage :face_with_raised_eyebrow: lool

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If you or someone else is into Norse Magic, they can make a Bind Rune with:

Nauthiz (restriction)

Sowilo ( Fire)

Isa (Ice, Saturn)

And open it and lay it Under the candle to charge the candle that way.


Whats this? Never heard of it before.

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Savar is a Div or Persian/Zoroastrian Spirit in the Ahrimanic current. He controls Speech and its sorcerous applications.

Read Micahel W Fords book “Bible of Thr Adversary” for more info.


Just yesterday, and generally in the last period, I was thinking about a problem of mine: I desire to manifest a potential, inner qualities I feel to have (a reason why I can’t is that I’m not independent, and if something isn’t convincing I may talk for an hour but “no way”).
I almost surely appear not successful nor witty… in short, thanks so much, this ritual is what I needed :smiley:

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Thanks :blush:

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@Micah you are on fire these days my friend. I’m going to try this Saturday night.


Azazel has been whispering to you hasn’t he?

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Damn right he has @Mapachtli

Thnks @That1Gurl!

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Black is the color used for most banishings or things to do with a more baneful nature

Black: dark energy/matter, death, banishment, silencing, protection, negation, pain, healing (in my personal practice as a healer), manifestation, evocation, the Void (personal gnosis)