Azazel's Rite of Astral Sight and Strength

Today I present you this short and effective rite to empower your astral senses for spiritual combat, improve natural psychic defenses and strengthen the black flame within. Have fun with Lord Azazel! :slight_smile:

>>Do not worry about how you pronounce things. Just pronounce them. Do your best.<<

Eya On Ca Azazel Aken (6x)

Lord of the Abyss, precursor of darkness and knowledge.Part djinn, part demon, part watcher intelligence.I call you forth to grant me the burning knowledge of the black flame, open my spiritual eyes and augment my astral resistance. Shape me into the warrior I must become in astral combat!

Ave Satanas Azazel Reloatara Inuminis Therone (6x)

Ave! Iknostra Agacos Amatos (3x)

Indunite Rara’sh Kerash Luthano (3x)