Azazel's Eye of Infernal Flames Ritual

The rite of Infernal flames was designed by me for a client so that he could be spiritually empowered. The rite is much better used if the magician is not the recipient of the rite. The ritual deals with the black flame and third eye which can be reworked and improved by completing this infernal ritual. The magician must raise the sacred space with the four elements. I personally first do the kabbalistic cross and then invoke the presence of the four elements as daemons of those elements. I personally use latin however its per preference.

Once the sacred space is raised the magician creates a altar with three candles as a triangle and in the middle the sigil of Azazel is propped up.

The following chants are used to open the gates:

Zazas Zazas Nasatanda Zazas

Liftoach Pandemonium Et Qliffot

The magician then evokes the presence of Azazel and gets possessed by Azazel. The Demon must take over the body of the magician and must be ready to complete the rite.

The possessed magi calls onto the astral body of the subject and looks at it. This part is easy since the rite is half completed. The mage speaks looking at the body

I Azazel the first of the fallen call to thee
Your black flame burns the realms and destroys the enemies.
I raise your power I awaken your Infernal Flame
The black flame burns within you and burns into the power of eternal godhood

I dont remember this part as my mind was fully out of consciousness however the mage punches into the third eye of the subject and crushes the third eye. As the body filled with the black flame fills the part where the third eye used to be the crumbled pieces turn back and mix with the flames to form the new ajna chakra. At the end the demon leaves the mage the sigil is burnt and is blowed out of the window.

The client who i did this for has the next day messaged me that he felt immense energy and his body has been aching. He hasn’t gotten any chances to invoke or complete a ritual since then tho.

I hope this ritual can help anyone who needs it.
Adios peeps
Sincerely Morpheus D