Azazel's cryptic comments

…and quantum mechanic fun.

Last night I finally Finally listened to the BoA. Tonight I viewed a fascinating documentary.
I thought a lot of thoughts, but I’m disinclined to thumb type them on my mobile right now. Teething baby happening…

Here’s the link to the documentary.
Athene’s Theory of Everything:

Nerds are wonderful.

!!!Athene !!! I have been meaning to look he’s theory of everything at some point, i was very surprised to see stuff about Athene in this forum XD i have followed he’s videos for years, although not so much anymore as in the start.

I probably have watched parts of this, but not whole… got so many things to watch.

Yes, a friend bugged me a bit to watch it. And it was TOTALLY worth missing sleep for. The accent alone made it fun. Now, I need to bone up on my physics. Gah. I’m SO glad I’m homeschooling; teaching shit makes learning (or re-learning) it a lot easier.

I wonder what age they should be before we all sit down for popcorn and listen to the BoA. Maybe schedule it in after math…