Azazel66613's Journal

And Hear are the Ranks of Goetic Gods

1 Bael: King

2 Agares: Duke

3 Vassago: Prince

4 Gamigin: Marquis

5 Marbas: President

6 Valefor: Duke

7 Amon: Marquis

8 Barbatos: Duke

9 King Paimon: King

10 Buer: President

11 Gusion: Duke

12 Sitri: Prince

13 Beleth: King

14 Leraje: Marquis

15 Eligos: Duke

16 Zepar: Duke

17 Botis: President/Earl

18 Bathin: Duke

19 Sallos: Duke

20 Purson: King

21 Marax: President/Earl

22 Ipos: Prince/Earl

23 Aim: Duke

24 Naberius: Marquis

25 Glasya Labolas: President/Earl

26 Bune: Duke

27 Ronove: Marquis/Earl

28 Berith: Duke

29 Ashtaroth: Duke

30 Forneus: Marquis

31 Foras: President

32 Asmodeus: King

33 Gaap: President/Prince

34 Furfur: Earl

35 Marchosias: Marquis

36 Stolas: Prince

37 Phoenix: Marquis

38 Halphas: Earl

39 Malphas: President

40 Raum: Earl

41 Focalor: Duke

42 Vepar: Duke

43 Sabnock: Marquis

44 Shax: Marquis

45 Vine: King

46 Bifrons: Earl

47 Vaul: Duke

48 Haagenti: President

49 Crocell: Duke

50 Furcas: Knight

51 Balam: King

52 Alloces: Duke

53 Caim: President

54 Murmur: Duke/Earl

55 Orobas: Prince

56 Gremory: Duke

57 Ose: President

58 Amy: President

59 Oriax: Marquis

60 Vapula: Duke

61 Zagan: King

62 Valak: President

63 Andras: Marquis

64 Haures: Duke

65 Andrealphus: Marquis

66 Cimeies: Marquis

67 Amdusias: Duke

68 Belial: King

69 Decarabia: Marquis

70 Seere: Prince

71 Dantalion: Duke

72 Andromalius: Earl

Dukes and princes from the Ars Goetia

Agares Duke

Vassago Prince

Valefor Duke

Barbatos Duke

Gusion Duke

Sitri Prince

Eligos Duke

Zepar Duke

Bathin Duke

Sallos Duke

Ipos Prince

Aim Duke

Bune Duke

Berith Duke

Ashtaroth Duke

Stolas Prince

Focalor Duke

Vepar Duke

Vaul Duke

Crocell Duke

Alloces Duke

Murmur Duke

Orobas Prince

Gremory Duke

Vapula Duke

Haures Duke

Amdusias Duke

Seere Prince

Dantalion Duke

Here as an most excellent ritual of a sexual nature by Sorcerer E.A Koetting

Here is an most excellentRitualgiventous by a our fellow member @Robert

Quest Combine Rituals of…

King Paimon





The Moon


To Open Astral Senses

I dreamed of three friends falling in the sky, and in the sky below them, a portal was opened to a seemingly identical dimension, in that dimension there was were entities that were opening the portal in the sky, for they were abducting ignorant earth peoples who fell in the sky before them through the same portal, in this dimension there was a huge party where the earth peoples who had been abducted were deceived, for there was a lot of food, and the earth peoples were gorging theirselves as they were instructed, but they did not know that the very food the were forging themselves of were other earth peoples turned into food, the party kept the peoples there forever, and they were always getting new people, eventually I fell and I went into the party, I heard that I might get released at September, for every year there was one person that could get released from the dimension back into our dimension