Am planning to work with Azazel. Can I evoke him through the crystal ball?

You can evoke him even without a crystal ball.

I use both a Pentagram and reversed Pentagram. Along with a White and Black candle, Black on the Pentagram And next to it a White candle on the Reversed Pentagram, i do this to keep his energy stable to appear more quickly before me.

It might be useful since the White candle in the Reversed keep Evil spirits away while evoking Azzazel. Because when evoking you do not know what else you might summon, so see it as a precaution.

Then you probably only need a ritual and if done correctly, you have a chance of successfully evoking him, if not keep trying. As for the ritual, check the forums, there should be a topic there to help you get started.

Can you send the format of the reversed pentagram and how the candles are placed?

Amorifer, you can summon him by the sheer power of your will. Candles and the like are mere crutches for your mind to ease up because, in a way, you would not believe yourself if Azazel told you directly. You’d blame your wish for results, that you were deluding yourself, etc…

But be daring. Design a ritual towards what you think you should do. Free form, what matters is your will. If you wish, you could send him a letter first:

  1. Grab paper and pen, write IN ONE GO what you’d like from Azazel. Don’t pay attention to format or think “nah that doesn’t go there”, etc… Simply let your desire flow.

  2. Light some candle, no matter the color.

  3. Burn it, but be safe, just needs to burn down to ashes.

  4. Scatter it to the wind or just throw it somewhere with water while chanting his name or his enn.

  5. Go to sleep and log all thoughts/signs/omens/dreams you experience afterwards.

  6. If you think you see no results, insist.

  7. Have fun

  8. Be dilligent with whatever instructions Azazel gives you

That is all.

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