I have not dived too deep into many things and deeper into others. I am naturally born with certain gifts and Azazel has taken note. I was guided here by him from a meditation I had, receiving info about how he has a book… that research lead me here. Azazel weeks ago began showing me a vision on replay over and over for days, then in my dreams as well. So I googled what he looks like and I saw a comic strip exactly of the vision he showed me, with him in it exactly what I saw. … now before I knew for a fact who he was I asked my psychic friends a question, each do not know each other; “who is this spirit and entity that is hanging around me?” Each one said Azazel. This proved to me he is the one visiting me. I am here from his guidance especially because he came to me, I did not seek him out. And I am unsure why he is leading me here, but I’m following the trail to see what’s up. Has anyone of you ever had experiences like this with Azazel? Him visiting in dreams fully vivid having rather sophisticated conversations? Him visiting in meditations and all this happening without calling upon him or doing any magick towards him?

Thanks a bunch in advance



Sounds like he’s trying to teach you something.

I didnt experience this with Azazel but I experienced it with King Paimon for months.


oh yes…be sure him contacting you like this is the beginning of something great. this is how we started working together. he would contact me in dreams and make it very clear he was communicating with me.when i first started him doing these things was a common occurence. just continue working with him and listen to EVERYTHING he has to say as it will definitely come back into your life later. trust me youll be doing something a year or a couple months from now and then something he said will click and it will blow your mind.


i never actually made contact with azazel until several months after he made his prescence known. he knows your potential and for him to do this is a special thing. going forward he will teach you everything under the black sun and he will push you to your limits. just be respectful and keep trying and he will appreciate seeing you try and your progress and teach you even more


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I haven’t worked with him directly yet but plan to one day. If he led you here I would think about investing in buying E.A.'s Book of Azazel and possibly the Compendium that’s coming out on New Years. Just a thought as I’m sure it’s not an actual necessity unless he says otherwise.


Yeah when I discovered there really was a book in existence it actually got me excited, I’m quiet curious if it says the same stuff I was seeing in the vision. I read a little of the book in my meditation/vision. But I don’t have the current finances for the book because I’m am about to launch my own magical business so I’ve got to keep my head in the game.

But once I start making a profit there’s a good chance I will buy the book.


If you have a nice library for your books to be displayed, are financially sound then why not splurge on an autographed, sanctified expensive book. I still love my old 95-96 Encyclopedia Britannica and it’s old works collection and us history books. Sadly, it’s in storage as I have no room nor even a house.

I wonder how many pacts one can have? Since I have a pretty established different pact with Lucifer can I get a different one?

The answer is probably yes.

Do I want to rely on one spirit for $$$ or many with several pacts?

The biggest question I give to any spirit is “What can I truly offer of value to make this contract/pact a deal?

As to pacts that seem to say “20-40 years you be dead by hellhounds dragging you to Azazels throne to be tortured…” that l think I’d too much tv media.

Aintssyinv it isn’t possible but more likely for pact breakers.

I’m 1/3 of the way to 130 y/o about so…eh…


Azazel came on my path in a similar way.
He showed clear signs but in a way that he made me unravel who he was.
He offered me to guide me in shadow working, to penetrate my fears and shadows and seems to be an amazing teacher.
He has very specific ways to make you abtain gnosis.
Very alchemical if that makes sense

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Hi.lets just say im in a place where access to most thimgs is almost without props i chant azazel enn over and over and mediate on it.feelig the current flow tjrough me many for no particular reason or without prior intent on 3 occasions having phone sex i stopped speakin and just chanted the enn over and over.they stopped shocked at 1st and then slipped as if in a trance 1 girl saying she felt as if her hips were movimg on her own.and that they all said that they felt something in them.last week i i did the same thing but on vidoe was amazing ahe said stop at 1st and then closed her eyes and as i continued chanting she just kept moaning and drifting after a while i stopped n began calling hwr and she couldnt hear me.i began again then her eyes flew open.and closed again when she answered she repeated everythig i wanted her to say.she felt drained after nd could remember nithin.could u tell me what i discovered ir is this usual