Is Azazel solar or lunar spirit?What is his favorite offering? I want as much as possible information about him.I’m on a right place?

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he is saturnian

i usually give some type of alcohol he seems to like liqour or wine.
But ive also cooked him a steak.


He Is a Saturn figure, his offerings include blood, bread and vodka also he likes purple, red and black candles. Azazel prefers a lavender to a vanilla type of incense, his sigil can be drawn in purple, black and red. He also enjoys his name being vibrated, I have worked with Azazel for seven years now. And he enjoys prayers performed towards him before summoning him.


He almost sounds similar to Papa Legba. He likes liquor and cigars too.

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he always liked sandalwood for me… but maybe thats bc vanilla makes me nauseous.


They do know each other

Yeah he does I guess he likes the natural odours more, but when ever I have any human made odours he asks me to extinguish the incense

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hmmm…ive never had that happen. but i think ive always used sandalwood or sometimes dragons blood.
i use usually a red candle.

but also he gave me the design for the circle i use so that may factor in.

Does he show himself after you set out the offerings and invoke him?


Well Azazel shows himself to me when he seems fit it’s not normally due to me doing anything.

Azazel is a important figure in my life, my guardian my teacher and my brother if you will.

He’s been with me since childhood, my mother even worked with him while pregnant with me so he’s always been there with me from the beginning.

He shows up when he needs to or even when he wants to.


Ok. How do You know he’s there when you don’t see him?

You will feel his energy

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You feel his energy, also I do see him, I also here his legion, or will see differences in the atmosphere.

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yeah his energy can be pretty intense, but he is amazing… he helped me so much during times i needed guidance.

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Oh. I only felt his presence once; when i dedicated myself to him
Can he know if a worshipper of his is transgender, cause i am



he doesn’t care about that

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Ok thanx

Yes he can when you and him are in conversation, your Minds are merged, when you invoke him he knows your thoughts when he possess’s you then he knows you completely.

Plus being transgender gives you great opportunities to access both feminine and masculine energies for your workings.


How will ik if he possessed me?