Azazel, whats going on here?

So wanted some thoughts.

since i visited a friend from here a few weeks ago i had a calling for Azazel for some reason.

i decided to call upon him.

i have been working till early morning all the time and usually tired, so i decided to call him last night. Howeveri was due to finish at 1am but instead finished at 3am due to unforseen circumstances.

when i got home i was tired but i called Azazel as i had promised to do it that night.

he came.

A: Finally you call, just as you intended to.

J: What did you want with me? i feel its for teachings.

A: It is but you are to exhausted in body and mind to understand or to grasp what it is i have planned. Call me again in 2 nights when you are rested.

J: Fair enough, …

A: Speak

J: ok, well i have an issue with trusting spirits as one fucked me over.

A: so what did you want.

J: well i know i will be in a deep deep sleep. so i know my mind will be easily accessible. pull out my body and take me somwhere. show me something.

A: haha easy done. however. you must prove your trust to me also, when i take you, you must come, do not turn and run like others have. just trust and let me show you. this is how we will bond and trust.

J: deal.

so i went to bed and i had the feeling to place Azazels charged sigil i used under my pillow.

now as i rested i could feel waves of energy in my head and i dropped to sleep looking forward to whatever journey i waa going to do



Tf you mean…nothing happened?! He talked to you and gave instructions!!!


Did you specify it had to be that night?

Didn’t the Deity proclaim to wait two days be for he would respond to you?


I’ve been put to bed by gods and put to sleep (black out) by gods…they take care of their charges…make sure you rest and take care of yourself.


This is what I needed

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Hahaha, Azazel took you out alright. Just not your conscious side. You must seek him. He wants to see what you’re made of. So talk to him. He will give you what you seek once you prove that you aren’t going to give up. He needs to see that you won’t leave this path until you learn what you need from him and more.


yeah to trust him when he takes me. i did specify that night (i see i didn’t put it in the convo i wrote tho) i was prepared to follow and see what he wants me to see. but he never came.

i did as i knew i would be in a deep deep sleep

no no he said to call him in 2 days (i guess i will be replenished and not knackered) so he can teaxh me what he wanted to so i could take it in.

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i will be calling him again in 2 days as agreed


I think he is testing you, he wants to know how demanding you will be

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Good, Azazel will surely teach you and push you. I work with Azazel and trust me he has you do a lot of things of yourself rather than you relying on him.


I adore Prince Azazel. He is just the best.

Hi Jace can I pm you.

:rofl::point_left: sorry Azazel…


yeah of course

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