Azazel & the lake of fire (Journal)

This will be my account of my future workings with the Gatekeeper Azazel as it in one way is ending and in a different way is beginning anew, this thread will perhaps inspire and help others who’ve experienced stumbling blocks or wondering what it’s like, it will also be a place where I describe him as hehas appeared to me along with his personal traits, similar to the Belial files but with a different touch. I will reveal my journal notes and materials he present to me, in the hope it will spark demonic ascent for others as well.


Thank you. It does help. I’ve been working a lot with Azazel lately and he is pretty awesome. But of course i say that about them all! Lol! He does have an iinteresting way of wording things though. I would love to hear what experiences and lessons you can share.


Azazel is a very special pesonality & I truly enjoy his company, in many ways he’s like the father I’ve never really had (I have an earthly father, alive and well) and the brother I never knew I needed. Azazel is very strict and has zero tolerance for laziness or disobediance, however he really enjoys to push you to your limits, physically, spiritually & mentally. You can always expect to work hard when he’s around.

You can ask for favors from him, however you never get what you ask entirely free, if he does somethign for you he expects you to return the favor, at least he has never showed any different side for me in this regard. The guy is very mysterious character giving the exact info you need to finish a task which he wants you to do, but never really gives you all the details to it, he just gives you the keys and wants you to turn the locks, seemingly wants you to discover the principles and powers & secrets for yourself.

He will always have your back but he expects you to always take the next step on your own, he will always in a way “care” about and in some way he’s very simmilar to Belial, in the terms of him always deal in terms of business and you can’t persuade him to do something for you out of pity. He will more or less ask why you allowed yourself to end up in that way in the first place. He also likes to teach in examples putting up for situations where you have to overcome personal barriers for your own growth.

Azazel is an amazing & powerful teacher, if you think Azazel is not teaching you things even if you are not speaking to him directly and even long periods of him not communicating with you is unfolding and seemingly “nothing” happens, trust me you are very, very wrong.

More updates will follow but this is my take of him so far, we’ll see how many has experienced him in the way that I’ve.


I’ve read the Book of Azazel, does that mean that he’s always going to be guiding my life and arranging events to try and teach me?

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Yay! I’m excited!

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Azazel is really a great teacher. I’m excited to hear your experiences!


Not necessarily I believe since you’ve read it you’ve got his attention, now he’s most likely either making an effort to contact you in some way, perhaps intuitively or planting signa for you to come and knock on his door, or perhaps as he does to some appearing in a dream or in some other way to meet up. However if you feel drawn to him, he wants you to reach out to him, that’s the first step.

Like E.A said once upon a time: ”Azazel can hold the door open for you but you have to walk through it.”


But once I do, is he always going to be trying to teach me by arranging things to push me?

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Once you’ve knocked on the door he will more or less always be with you and push you to make you grow. You will be finding him calling on you sometimes for seemingly no reason at first only to realize you’ve been calling to him pretty much knowing it consciously, or ssometimes because he sees your progress and see your potential but you are not pushing yourself hard enough to reach your goals.

You control the intensity & thereby the proccess by stating what you want out his teachings. Depending on what you want from him he’ll teach you accordingly. However once he has let you go, you are going to be very grateful to him, eventually though your paths will cross again.

In my case our first pact becane nullfied a little while back it’s still present sort of and I found myself gravitaing to him once more.

Hmmm will there be no way to control the process?

I edited the above response to adress your question, sorry I was lazy. ^^ This is my take on him though be sure to check with others who have worked with him to hear their take as well.

Thank you. :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to to get when I have something to report, which should be soon.

In my humble opinion, it is indeed impossible to control the process. Azazel will teach you as he sees fit. You can choose to cooperate or resist, but you initiated the working relationship in the beginning so once you do that you might as well submit to the process because if you fight it you’ll lose.


Short answer is yes he will always be with you once you engage in a relationship. However, once your pact or agreement has fulfilled its purpose and you decide to move on (if you decide that) his influence will be more subtle. That’s my experience.


The answer, generally, is yes. Because he is aware that time is a lie, it works retroactively. Once he is with you, he has always been with you and that will become apparent.

Contact him. Thus, he is with you…and has always been…=)

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Thank you, very nice to read this.

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I want The Lake of Fire…

Will arrive within the month.