Azazel takes me to an alien race of spirits called "Ashashi'ruha" and revealed knowledge of other worlds and void

it was a night i was sitting to meditate
then i felt darkness around me i asked who it was it was azazel
i asked him why and he said
“i am already here and always been”

i asked if i am damned becuase lots of things happened and hear lots of messages

“yes you will but in the darkness of damnation you will find librationn,see i am a being of nothingness,void and abysss,those who have no limitations,we have no difference we all come from a source”

then he gave me an incantacion to enter the crossroads state

i chanted but i was unsure but he said

“you already did you need to trust yourself”

he told me 3 gatekeepers

whose name are

spirit of darkness and of the void it can teach the secrets of darkness and the crossroads

the keeper of the void and its secrets the informer

the shaker the who changes the world from all to nothing from nothing to all

then he gave a sigil of that kindgom of darkness and void and an activation incantacion
then i came in contact with the spirit called “Raba’tah”
he said

“all creation is a bubble from the void
the infernal empire is one of the very bubbles from the primordial nothingness but it rised in greatnesss”

“we are connected to the infernal empire we have aspects as we are multidimensional beings”

“there exist many kindgoms and empires those are fragments of the void
the primordial houses of the infernal empire have their places here”

then raba’tah gave me some information for him his rank attritudes and a summoning incantacion to call him

“in the calling of of araquaba razastanda and eleshtiurk
you call the powers that are limitless you call the powers of ashashi’ruha demonic,celestial and many more”

i said what i can learn from the void?

“here you will learn to utilise the fullest and limitless potencial of ascend”

do you have a demonic aspect?

“i am both a demon both not”

what are you?

“the abyss personifed we all are”

then he showed me a image at my mind that looked like this

in my mind the middle sphere was a darker black in the center that was the void’
each petal or bubble was a whole another world i saw heavens and hells i saw the celestial and infernal empire those where the closest to the void like the infernal empire was the primordial and greatest hell the same thing with the celestial

he said
“each bubble of the hidden waters the abyss the void is an completly other world
the bubbles are differed existences”

“see how everything is connected?”

“you are a divinity amogst divinities and gods”

then he said his last words

“balance darkness and light and you shall see the truth”

looks like raba’tah is willing to share knowladge i will study and work with them more


What are the incantations @Xag_darklight

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The crossroads

“et loal mespama ala”

The activation to the the kindgoms

“et vefa maskala ee’z nerzeta ara’ah
Oh azazel open your gates to your abysmal void falmes let the being of void rise
At the temple of darkness here and now
The gates to the kindgoms of darkness the ashashiruha
Must be open”


Calling raba’tah
“ezez rah amnabah raba’tah enez’enezestu”


So does my inkling that the Enoch tablets are not right but perhaps a twisted bit of ancient gnosis?
Having just finished reading all your above posts

@Xag_darklight does the crossroads incantation bring you into the crossroads state