AZAZEL: Steal Fire From The Gods - FIRST Look

AZAZEL: Steal Fire From The Gods, Volume 3

The Largest, Most Powerful Grimoire Of Azazel, The Watchers, King Paimon & The Djinn Kings In History… You’re About To Learn A NEW ERA Of Demonology…

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Isn’t stealing from the gods a bad idea or am I missing something?

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I most definitely want!!!




@dagar it’s from the story of Prometheus the titan steals fire from the gods to give to mankind.
This helped us develop as a advanced species, Azazel has always been seen as a Promethean pandorian figure this is why they called it
‘Steal Fire From The Gods’


Oooooooooooh. So I won’t be actually stealing anything. Good :innocent:


I really, really want this… And probably even have the funds this time :grinning:


This is one that I definietly need to get my hands on as I want to learn from Azazel. I still swear that when I read the Book of Azazel back in 2015 and whenever I read some parts with him talking to E.A. It almost felt like that I was connecting with him and that his words were also being directed towards me. It was also the very first book that I fully read in terms of Demonology and Occultism.


Damn i forgot that i was going to buy this tomorow and spent 500buck on a plotter insted, well cant help it need this aswell, im a student i can live on pasta another month(:smile:


Are these going to be available as e books in the future like the other works?


Well If they are all the same size the gatekeeper books may be on 200 pages or something. Perhaps once the series with all 9 is complete they may come out with a compilation book with all 9 like the complete work did now, ill get all the gatekeeper books as they are releases but a compilation If not to expensive in the futur would be tempting aswell.


If you are not willing to steal from the gods then stay to the right

I have a question about the Sword of Azazel blood pact. As I have intentions to work with both Angels and Infernal Spirits, I wonder if taking part in the blood pact with Azazel would be disrespectful to the pact.

And…ordered (though just the cloth book…I’m not rich…at all…)


How do I order? All I am seeing is the sign up for the free chapter.

On the Balg website the book should be live to order now and have been for atleast 12 hours, i ordered it as soon as i woke up.

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Just choose a tier, and add to cart

Yeah that’s what I figured but all I see is the sign up for the free ebook chapter and nothing else.