Azazel ritual

"itz rel itz rel azazel
the scapegoat
the abyss personifed
azazel the infernal one
i call you into being
i call you great wathcer
the keeper of the black flame
the lord of raztael,anatel,and malkash
whose are the houses of his infernal legions along with the primoridial
araquaba,eleshti’urk and razastanda
the great darkness upon the sky the formless
the great teacher of magick and warfare
whose name is azazel
itz rel itz rel azazel
the primordial darkness whose lies within every essence of each of us and all things
the abyss the void
you lie within
as i lie within
as you are me
as i am you
as you are me
fill me heart and soul with darkness
oh great azazel i call you enter my mind enter my heart enter my body
enpower me
i call you azazel
come and a teach me
oh great thou

…itz rel itz rel azazel"

azazel goten my hand and writen this have fun!



how exactly can i conact Azazel for help

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Make an offering of anything sacred to him first then try. Put in your research on him. Come sincerely and honestly.

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Read many things about Azazel, the almighty, it seem like he doesn’t limit himself, he is able to bring wealth love for some and many more.

Curious, I have trouble opening my heart out, like some call it “socialpath”. Do you think Azazel can help me to find my true self, unclogging my emotions?

I had been working with Azazel for a while, mainly on wealth and decided to consult J.S. Garret for his wealth and prestige spell.

Of course, before I consult him, do you think I should work on myself? My emotion, spiritually and mentally?

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Of course he can help
He helped me too on a similar problem

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Hey Xag this is great! Thread bookmarked and watching :sunny:

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Haha, I wrote a petition, top sales of the day or something similar to that, and wow. Indeed, almost broke the record.

I legit was amazed by what Azazel can do.

Continuing the discussion from Azazel ritual:

As written here, communication with Azazel need to be honest and sincere. So how can Azazel know how I feel? From time to time, I barely know what am I feeling.

Xag, did you wrote a petition, how? For emotion or? My ritual for Azazel is simple, chant with his sigil and two black candles.

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J.D. Temples black flame meditation is a good place to start. Check out his YouTube channel. V.K. Johanum also has a good invocation of Azazel ritual on his Wordpress.