Azazel Pulled Up Yesterday


I used V.K. Jehannum’s invocation rite for Azazel last night and this happened as a result of such.

During the conjuring process I could feel him inside me and would be unable to speak. He would then scan the room and my physical state of being to see what changes would be necessary for my physical ascent. After the proverbial internal check list was completed he formed in front of me. First his horns were so big they touched the ceiling, but as I watched them they coned around the side of his head like the woman from Star Wars. He was muscular, jet black with the bottom half that looked like some form of an animal.

After he formed in front of me he stretched out both of his hands and said “take this”. It was one of the most beautiful swords I’ve ever seen. He started telling me about how it was a sword of justice and how it’s supposed to be used to balance the scales of something. As I reached to grab the weapon I could feel burning heat even though my window was open blowing in a cool breeze.

My mind felt overloaded and overwhelmed by the encounter. I usually can think on my feet, but I couldn’t in this instance.

Till Next Time :slight_smile:

  • Kitty

Now that’s an experience, and I believe you too cause the sword is a balance for justice balancing the scales. Great work, hope the encounter does balance the scales for you. be blessed


Awesome stuff!


I did this and nothing happened

Hi Class :slight_smile:

From my experience when you call spirits they come its just the matter of being able to perceive them. What exactly were you trying to achieve by invoking him? I’ve also noticed for me personally that I can call a spirit, but if I have an actual plan of what I todo before hand it tends to be a lot more directed/powerful.

VK’s chants may not resonate with you as well maybe

I wanted to speak to Azazel to help me kick start my ascent