AZAZEL Pendulum

I have been pondering making a pendulum for working with Azazel as one I have with Belial. Belial has Obsidian- andall things clearly show the force is right on this.
I have thoughts of using Obsidian again. but plan to try and commune this week and see if he will say ya or na. Anyone have any experiance or ideas?

I will also be having my daughterget the basket and stone at a shop i really like, so i am going to do a rite which I hope as she is running her hand through the stones, Azazel’s Stone will make it no doubt it is the one.

Any ideas?

Sounds good, I’m seeing a clear crystal spike for something a bit different, maybe calcite (a crystal of change and alchemy)?

But knowing how these things go, if you focus your intent you’ll get the right one for the job, anyway. :slight_smile: