Azazel ~ no release

So most of you older members know that I was Azazels submissive for a year until this time last year… I thought the relationship in that context was over …but…
Azazel appeared to me today while I was working with my chakras.
Instantly my collar was on…and he grabbed it… pulled me close and said …I never released you…

I was confused … I didn’t understand its been a year. He told me he had things to attend to …but that now he needs to teach me things and that I learn and stay focused better when I’m being submissive.

I found myself in the woods … sitting in circle, much like a universal circle except this one the writing and symbols were silver and seemed to almost glow.
I was also wearing my Azazel t shirt
I was inside the circle he was on the outside…
He was eating an apple…and I thought that was odd. I didn’t recall ever seeing him eat.
So I asked him about it… and he said, what I can’t have an apple?

Then he told me to focus and think of something that really makes me happy. I thought of a forest with trees and greenery and animals. .birds singing and flowing stream.
He then told me to think of something that makes me sad… I thought of a city with buildings and pavement and it’s was dreary rainy day.

He said …so water is in the things that make you happy and sad…
I said isn’t water connected to emotions?

Then he said for me to go back to the forest and asked me what else I saw…
I could see an owl in a hole in a tree.
He asked what it was doing?
I said just looking…then it flew out and stared at me eye to eye…
Azazel asked me what owls symbolise. . I thought wisdom, athena , HeKate.
Then the owl said …who are you going to learn from…who who
I said Azazel and it flew away…

Azazel then asked me…what was that your aunt wrote on your birthday card a few years ago?
I said …she said that butterfly’s are free spirit’s and that I remind her of butterflies. .because of that.

And how does one become a butterfly?

First they are a caterpillar and then they go into a cocoon and then they emerge the butterfly…

AZAZEL was eating another apple.

Well, you’ve been the caterpillar and you’ve been in the cocoon. … it’s time for you to emerge as the butterfly.

I nodded and looked down…
Something is on your mind …speak

@DarkestKnight, how do you feel about him…

Azazel almost laughs …I like him. Hell I should tip my hat to him…he’s the only human I know that has figured how to keep your hot headed ass in line… :joy:

But our relationship is not like that…I’m not a Daddy dom… we have never been like that …you know or Dom sub relationship.
But I do think your relationship with him is good for you and healthy. . … whew! :sweat_smile:

Then I asked Azazel again about the apple…he said apples are good for you… matter of fact you should eat more apples… you should eat an apple a day.

Now look at the circle…what does it say. Focus…
I read the strange writing on the circle …it says … portal or gateway…more like gateway to the stars.

And what star… Aldebaran. …
Can we go there.?
But Aldebaran is a star /sun bigger than earth’s
Then there’s some thing else close…
A planet…
Describe it…it’s like earth but more aquamarine color.

Take us there …
We start spinning…caught up in something like a wormhole…or what you would think a wormhole to be…
We arrived there…
There was mostly maybe jungle.
But a huge huge building… the door was emerald green maybe it was a huge emerald .
With gold trim
We went inside…
It was deserted … but it was huge inside. .there was a stone altar…and then huge stone stairs that lead up to something like a sarcophagus. …
And a throne.

Azazel laid me on the altar… and raised a silver blade with red in the handle like rubies …
I was afraid. But Azazel said trust me…just trust me…

And he shoved the blade into my heart…I was gasping…and blood was running from me somehow to the sarcophagus. …
A man .not man he looked human though sat up.

Then he got up and sat on his throne… he looked at Azazel and said you sacrificed the only thing you love.

I was still gasping some how…
He walked down to me his long robe flowing behind him…
He looked at me and said everything would be ok…he pulled the knife from my chest… and I’m not sure what he did but I was ok…

He then gave me clean clothes and a huge crown …
He asked me who I thought he was and I thought of a few different gods then I thought of Ra …he said I’m something closer to Ra. … he feels vampiric… very ancient and vampiric…
He said my blood woke him.

I understood now why Azazel hadn’t released me…I would have fought anyone else… but Azazel…

I’m not sure where this is going but …wow.


Truly incredible.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Sounds like he’s teaching you how to love without attachments, and introducing you to a new teacher. Lovely experience.


Well I see why he thinks I should eat an apple a day :joy:


It common in shamanic circles for the shaman in training to be astrally killed by the spirits or a guiding spirit and brought back to life a new more powerful being. You can see this in myth all over the world, like Odin dying on Yggdrasil and bringing back the runes.

This is likely only the beginning.


Yes very positive!


I agree and I believe that’s why he used the example of the catterpillar, cocoon , butterfly.

It’s a rebirth into something new and more powerful.


That’s funny. I had something with lucifer way back when that was like that.


Shamanic “death” & experiences of dismemberment (often the flesh gets replaced with energy in archetypal forms, like crystals, robes, etc) are found all over, and it’s one of those things people will report without having been coached to expect it.


Early on in studying magic I had a lot of dreams and visions about my reproductive system being touched examined, dismembered and put back together. Bune later explained there was a lot of negative energies and spirits were cleansing them for me for my future births. Women can store a lot of negative energy in their wombs and men in their hearts she told me.

A form of invocation i’ve found is to either be killed violently by a spirit or kill a spirit astrally as a way of taking on their energy or qualities. Even more powerful if you are able to revive yourself or them. Its can be a test as well. Especially in sexual relationships. It makes me think of different legends where the lover dies or sacrifices themself and the female lover rebirths them.

I don’t know why Azazel would say he released you when he really didn’t. I wonder if it has to do with them not having a concept of time. Your relationship with him having different statuses with him but all at the same time. It does look like a hand over to this new being. It makes me wonder if Azazel “killing” you released you from him or if you are still his.

I’ve been curious about this myself. My spirit husband had to agree to give me to Belial because he was my gatekeeper and my lover. Belial became both my gatekeeper and lover after that.So its a kind of marriage although I don’t know how literal. I think there must be some kind of spirit code or something for how these things work. Because certain magical work or levels of intimacy with other spirits seem to have to be approved by Belial. Not because i cant make my own decisions but more like a courtesy? Or politeness?


He never actually said it…
I assumed because of some things that happened


From what I understand. …Azazel and I both just leveled up from this.

This being is very ancient Azazel knew this would need to be done… from the start.

We both sacrificed. I am learning new things… with this one. But Azazel is still around… and He said he was very proud of Azazel . And that things aren’t always what they seem… but now it’s time to wake the others too.


Who are they if I may ask


It seemed like he was meaning. …his brothers and sisters? . … other vampiric gods that’s how he feels to me…but very ancient and alien to us…


I was needed to wake him. And Azazel figured it out or knew about it .

Strong connection to lions… he got me to shift into lion which while not surprising that I can was something I struggled with


Oh I thought he meant humans lol.

I’m interested


The experience was kinda like on underworld when seline… woke up victor …except Azazel drove a blade through my heart




Ever seen the movie Underworld with Kate-Beckinsale