Azazel is very powerful - Holy shit

Just got done evoking Azazel and it was awesome.

I listened to a YouTube enn recitation with his sigil. No idea why, but at first, while trying to be serious and get into the meditation, I kept laughing hysterically like a crazy person. I looked at his sigil and started laughing for no reason.

So after 10 minutes I was able to stop fooling around and get to business.

At first I vibrated his name. I did so several times. Afterwards I repeatedly whispered his name and there he was.

When he first entered the room my head got “shakey”. That usually happens when a spirit is evoked, but with him it was very very shaky, as if the left half of my brain is trying to go right and the right part of my brain is going left.

I was also able to maintain that state and talk with him, which never happened before.

I can’t hear spirits nor see them yet, at least not regularly as was the case this time as well.

But my heart chakra is very powerful and that’s how I navigate.

I wanted to know of my nephilim ancestry.

When Azazel first entered the room it was like I knew him from a past life. Like a happy uncle coming back after being away for a few years.

I got insecure midway because I couldn’t hear a clear answer, so I asked “Would you think it’s an insult if I identify as a Nephilim?”

And he got somewhat angry. Not in a “I will punch you” way but more in a “Not at all, how dare you suggest that?” way.

I later thanked him for coming and that was it.

This was by far the most energetically powerful evokation I ever had. His energy was so powerful I could feel it pushing against me. I would also like to add that he appeared pretty quickly. Usually takes me maybe 20-30 minutes to get into the state I described earlier. This time it took me around 10 minutes, so the idea that a person of Nephilim ancestry is able to summon and communicate with the Watchers more easily seems to be true, when comparing it to my other experiences.

I apologize if I worded things weirdly. I can’t really explain it, but I try my best.


I loved reading this.

Azazel is super important to me and has been for a long while. His visits to me are seldom but they are always so intense, on another level like that which you’ve described.

He’s a wonderful demon. If he’s appearing to you with this kind of intensity so soon, I’m inclined to think he wants to teach you something.

A bit off-topic…

I wasn’t intending to reply to this thread initially, but I keep coming back to it because of your profile pic. The gnome, I recognize it as being from the same illustrator of a book a great-uncle gave me as a child, a book I still have and is quite special to me.

This is the first time I’ve seen illustrations of that gnome elsewhere. The illustrator and book I have are not all that well known where I am from — no one ever knows what I am talking about when I speak of it!

It’s been a nice surprise to see that pop up, that’s all :smiling_face:


Oh my Gnome avatar is more of a meme than anything. There’s a meme about a “Gnome Hyperborea”. I got the image from this video:

I just found it so hilarious and adorable, I took it as an avatar. Same with my bio:

There are these made up stories of how people saw “little men with red hats and big beards standing on their lawn that run away when you look at them”

The common response to that is “Follow the Gnomes, they’ll lead you to paradise”

Its a whole spiel as you can see.


But Why would you think you’re of Nephilim anscestry? Do you have 6 fingers on each hand & foot or have double set of teeth? Or another abnormalities?

I ordered that book rescently- “ Gnomes” with such neat art work :+1:t2:And none of them are cheap! :tired_face:because I think they are old & vintage , a collector item or special book. I last saw it in the early 80’s, Originally published in 1976 in the Netherlands, under the title “Leven en werken van de Kabouter”. Authored by Wil Huygen


Thats not how that works.

This video explains what a Nephilim is. You don’t necessarily need to be tall or abnormal. Plus the Biblical explanation of Watchers and Nephilim is wrong/oversimplified.

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Ok :+1:t2: I suppose that would be far fetched thinking they’d be the same as in Bible days

I remember reading up on the evolution of the Nephilim. They were supposed to be way taller than us, but due to mixing with Humans again and again do they now appear as your average Joe.

The theory uses the Bible as proof though…

It uses Goliath, the Nephilim that fought David, as an example. He was 3 meters tall, which is pretty short for a Nephilim.

So they assume if Goliath were to mix with another Human and that offspring does so again with another human, it would end up having normal physical traits. So technically your average mcdonalds worker could be of Nephilim descent.

This actually happened in real life already with the Neanderthals. They bred out by mixing with the Homo sapiens and nowadays they left only a smidgen in our dna.

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Lol thank you for sharing that!

They seem to be rather prominent in the folklore of much of Scandinavia and other parts of Northern Europe.

The artist of that picture is Rien Poortvliet, he’s best known for his Kabouter illustrations — I am unsure of the exact difference between kabouter and nisse though. Nisse are another sort of gnome spirit in the Netherlands — similar to Norway and Sweden’s tomte.

(I am also so sorry for somewhat derailing your thread on this topic, but figured I’d throw that info out there if you’re interested in knowing more about them or finding other pictures)

Ah yes! Mine is definitely from the 80s lol, though it’s a different title and in English. Maybe they only had one print run or something.


Yeah don’t worry about it. Its an interesting “coincidence” nonetheless.

Ya, some of the original Nephilim were about 13-36 ft tall! ,& then there’s the children of the giants- “ the Nephil, about 7-13 ft tall & then the grandchildren of the giants - “ the Elioud/Eljo , 6-7 feet

I Love the art :+1:t2:

I Love that song in the video :hugs::mushroom::mushroom::notes:

I think Nephilim evolution is largely symbolic