Azazel Is Moving In My Life

I’ve heard about peoples lives falling apart to be reformed once they work with demons. I’ve heard it most with Lucifer, but I’ve yet to even speak to him. The past few weeks have been absolutely fast paced and somewhat painful. He gave me a fair warning however, and I thank him for that. Work has been the worst it’s ever been. Understaffed ridiculously for nurses even for a nursing home. Ended a relationship for now over someone I’ve known for a decade. Slammed my back into stairs the other night. No bruise but pretty sure I pulled or slammed something wrong. Hes teaching me how to work when I’m in pain. Hes given me the opportunity to also give a big fuck you to certain exes. Funny how they just try to pop back up right? I was a doormat in the past so this opportunity was very much appreciated but did bring up some messed up memories. My vanity is disappearing. The dark circles under my eyes are helping with that lol.