Azazel helped me get money

So I’ve been working with Azazel for a while. He’s been possessing me for many months now, teaching me and building me back from the ground.

I did a dark magic money spell together with him. That same day, I did an evocation of him. Immediately, I went outside. I see this guy on the walkway, sitting down looking like something is wrong. I asked him if he’s okay… He wasn’t. He got kicked out of a hospital out on the street because his treatment had finished and he was from another city. They even called the police on him at the hospital for not leaving. Something in my body told me to to help this person. I didn’t understand why. I felt sorry for him and told him I’m gonna bring some food out and water for him which I did. He was happy for the help.

Later, during the same night, I go outside again. I see the same person again. This time he was looking worse. Immediately, he recognizes me and asks me to let him spend the night at my place and that he would pay me for it £50. The problem was however that he can’t get the money straight away because he lost his card and banks are closed on the weekends. I was reluctant to help him further at this point. But then again, I got that feeling in my body telling me to help him again, that I really should. I felt like that was Azazel. So I listened and invited him back to my place. I got him to sleep at mine that night.

Next morning, I offered him to use telephone banking instead of going to the bank on Monday. So we phoned the bank and he was able to get some money transferred to my account. He gave me the £50 he promised as I took the cash out at a cash point. Now, we walk back to my place since he still has to stay one night until Monday like we agreed. He stayed the night and even gave me more money at the end of it for “being nice”, £70 so £120 total suddenly out of nowhere. The person was even acting like I was saving his life.

Great results. Thank you, Azazel. We even helped a person during it. Bless that person.

Share your thoughts :slight_smile:


It is a good story. And it looks as if everyone is winning, for once, at least this time. Sorry, just some junk going on my way… Maybe I should talk to Azazel.

Why did Azazel help him…was he a test, do you think, or something else? Best of luck to you on your path, my friend.



In a way, you did save his life. You have great character and hats off to you for helping him. Thanka for sharing this wonderful story. Azazel is the greatest. :bouquet:

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Azazel was testing me I believe if I will trust my own intuition. I did and I got the reward.

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