Azazel Hat Magick

After being ordered to reopen my store by Lucifer last night during a partial possession experience, I went to my old studio space this morning and was going through some stuff to bring back to my new apartment when I got a sudden onset headache that had an all too familiar energy signature. I didn’t pay much attention to it as I didn’t wanna pull it in any further. In the past one of those hits could have taken me out for a few days at a stretch. So it is possible to shoot up into more of a witness state to have the clarity to deal with these things before they take hold. I was guided out of the front door to find a parcel on the doorstep. My new Azazel hat!! I tore the package open like a little child and chanted Azazel’s enn three times into his name emblazoned on the front of the hat and put it straight on. The headache intensified and then lifted off in under thirty seconds. Nice one Azazel! We had a little chat about it and errm… put it this way I definitely wouldn’t wanna be the one who served that up!! :smiley: