Azazel hanging out it my ritual room?


I evoked Azazel for the first time for the Friends helping Friends project, and I didn’t get a visible manifestation but a definite presence there and continued on with the operation. I kept the sigil open since the project isn’t complete, and put it inside my BOA and put that back on a shelf in the ritual room where I keep my working tools.

The next day I got home from work and walked down the hallway and heard chanting coming from that room. It was a very deep, non-human sounding voice, and not a language that I recognized. I stood outside the door about to open it and got a mental message “Azazel is working in there, let him finish.” I let him finish without barging it (after all I’ve requested his blessing and help on this project) and didn’t go in till later.

Anyone had this happen? I’ve posted elsewhere that I often get more manifestations of entities after the actual evocation, but I’ve never had one commandeer my ritual room to get things done. lol


That is great…He is always full of surprises for sure.



Thats a cool story RidgeRunner :wink:


That is amazing, Ridgerunner. A funny thing happened to me the other day. Soon after I performed my Combo Trance Inducer(in another thread) I heard a loud pop from behind the closed door and an accompanying mental message saying ‘Azazel’. It’s never happened before. I was quite startled.