Azazel enn meditation and visions- few questions

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For most of my adult life (I’m 33) I’ve felt a draw towards Azazel, may it be his name popping up here and there, random thought in my mind being the most common.

I meditate on his enn (Eya on ca Azazel aken) frequently, sometimes to calm my nerves, to help me sleep, when searching for something lost (keys, wallet, whatever), when I am angry, emotional…whatever. chanting his enn in my mind has almost become a habit of mine.
First question regarding the immediate: is this abuse of his enn? Should I stop? I wonder if it gets annoying?..

Also this secondary enn(?) that I have come across “Itz rel, itz rel Azazel”, I have never heard of this before until this forum. Can you elaborate on this? Origin, etc?

I had a vision once that I have not since experienced again. Upon meditating on his enn one night during an extremely stressful period of my life, feeling alone and lost I asked “please give me a sign” and continued this enn meditation. Gradually the darkness behind my eyelids engulfed in black fire, as you would picture a wall burning black. I felt the calm as I concentrated on this and held on to it as long as possible.
Do you think this was legitimate contact from him?

Lastly, what are other ways I can subtly connect with him throughout my day that doesn’t involve a drawn out ritual?

I appreciate your time. Respectfully. :black_heart:


Yes. The visions are a sign. The fire visions signify transformation, purification, enlightenment. This vision is a sign for strength and knowledge and classic Lucifer with the black flaming walls, the constant symbols of fire, the torch of knowledge indicating a spirit of knowledge.

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Enns come from the religious practice of demonolatry. Their purpose is to invoke the energy of the demon. No one really knows their true origin, but the common belief is that they were given to their worshippers by the demons themselves.

I don’t think you can really “abuse” an enn, because it is not a direct summoning of the demon, but simply an invocation of energy (that’s why it can alleviate symptoms if you chant it while in emotional distress).

“Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel” is what Azazel refers to as his Song. It was first given to EA Koetting during his work with the demon in regards to the Lake of Fire ritual, and was published in the Book of Azazel.


I started with Azazel and end up on father Lucifer but I use both of them i use Azazel to seduced a lady and give it too me married women Lucifer is my everyday help he knows what i want everyday be it a small amount of money $200 or $100 he give me in different ways keep your side to Azazel he will help you like he do to me and welcome to the forum of free information brother its EA Koetting youtube videos that I end up here to the forum where everything is there that I look for to talk to Azazel and father lucifer

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Thank you all for your time on the subject :black_heart:

If I may, this is embarrassing to ask especially on an EA forum, lol, so forgive me. But I guess I am mostly familiar with Demonolatry practices of but personally deviated from S Connolly…does EA not follow/teach Demonolatry? What would you “categorize” EA’s teachings as?

Respectfully :black_heart: