Azazel data all in one package

Well, working on working to get Azazel and I in commo. I am going through BoA again, WoD, Evoking Eternity. Grinding through the search on this forum which is indeed really good and broad and packed, but due to the always having to click here or click there for this nugget or that crumb, actually reduces the progress into a mind-numbing eye boring tedium.
If I were a lottery winner i would assign and pay well for someone to form a team, go through all of this, and ass for the books, bring them up to date-(no insult but- EA has Matured and Developed alot in may ways which I am sure he would be open to re-write, fine tuning, etc, the best things of them all is being able to see his growth and progress and knowing that there are not static plateaus upon which to solidify into stasis) and put all of it into a single step by step volume- which would include everyones contributions. I am sure by now things have accumulated from simple V-2 type rocketry to Saturn 5 or better technologically. I alone certainly cannot scrape the iceburg of data.
I would appreciate anyone and everyone who wishes to send me or reply here, to produce something along the lines of “Azazel- his best Contact data; and how to get him to want to be in your company and be your personal mentor/companion”.
I know it is crazy and asking alot. As I said there is alot of data, but I could either begin just bumbling and shooting in hopes of hitting a target based on whatever i could gleen over “(how long?) long or short period of searching and certainly missing something really Powerfully Door Opening. Or perhaps this post can successfully assemble & collate through combined effort some excellent Updated Power Working.
Belial was abit easier for me now that I look at it- he First came to me, now I am choosing Azazel, hopefully he does not have much issue with uninvited students.
my long term and overall goal- which I have been mentally putting together for about 2 years now, is to seek out, find and work with each of the “Crossroad Beings”, something pulls and drive me to do that based on some wierd dreams which are hardly connected to each other and have nearly no relationship to each other- all I know is when i meditate on them- I always end up mentally trying to create a ‘roadmap’ to bringing all of them working in unison and being sealed to me as Pactlords—and somehow with Tiamat as a ‘Central Tying Force’.
i would really appreciate it if people felt like throwing in freely on this.
one thing i am finding is i am nowhere near finished with my Temple- still working on the structural, and the most i have gotten from him is he is not digging doing much of anything with me until it is 'More Worthy of his presence”; [lottery where the hellz are you?]. it is so bad so far even Belial is reluctant to enter no matter how much I call. I hate that.

You could just summon him with his sigil and talk to him yourself.

I want to tell the story around my relationship with Azazel because I think it outlines a certain fact about Him that is prevalent in making contact and sustaining a relationship.
I have recently started working with Belial, because he suits my circumstances perfectly. But we were introduced on account of Azazel.

My first experience of Azazel was when I was around 11 years old. I had a difficult and dangerous childhood and he offered me help, by way of a dream. I didn’t know what He was until much later but out of fear I rejected Him. This is my first point. Fear caused me to receive help from a less adept but still extraordinary spirit.
Later in life trouble found its way to me again, and He was there offering help, by way of thoughts and day dreams, which I think was an interesting choice of method to contact me because it means I was reaching a greater level of awareness. Again I rejected Him because of fear and the unknown. Please also know that He came to me as thoughts, and a face and dreams. But only when my situation was utterly desparate and it had reached life or death virtually.

I became an evangelic christian, thinking that jehova was going to help me solve problems in my life, but jehova, is a god of war and enslavement and he did exactly that to my life as promised. My up bringing was more of curse than I could possibly have realised. We are trained like dogs to believe in this being called jehova, he’s a curse to us. Its terrible. And this time in my life was probably the most humiliating of my life.

When Azazel appeared to me it was always through vivid images of a tall blond man. Never as a creature like in the grimoires. Like Belial who always appears to me as a dark haired man with strong features and wicked looking half grin that I know means something but Im never sure what. Azazel was always the one in control at ease, and prepared for any eventuality.

When I look at who and what He stands for I know, He is a god that helps those who are in chaos. So I think that when working with him people need to be sure about what it is that they are missing or be aware of something in their lives that needs repair. He teaches through helping those who are in a dark place and helps them find path out.
I think that EA Koetting has experienced this too from his videos. I dont know of any other peoples workings with Him because obviously people dont come out and say it, but I believe a lot of people experience Him that way. Azazel’s name actually means Strong. Not scapegoat. He allowed humanity to turn him into a scapegoat because they had become to spiritually weak to do what He needed them to do to grow. He is a dark knight, a saving angel who finds His way to those people who have reached the bottom and through trial and teaching shows them an escape.

I eventually woke up and realised that jehova was busy torturing me to death, slowly, by virtue of a kundalini experience that I had one day when I had gone through a really dark phase with the christians. It was a few weeks later I left christianity and became and atheist, which isn’t much help, because we need the help that Spirit offers.
I recently experienced a betrayal that nearly crippled my life, and that was the window that Azazel used. That and my desire to learn a way to overcome the people who are so often using opportunities to take advantage of me.
Now the fear is gone, I am working with my spiritual helpers. This journey is about me, but it is also about them. What they want, what they do, how they help me. They aren’t like a car, with a spec and an engine speed. These guys have personalities, they feel emotion and they show you that. They talk to you like any other person. They guide you at times with words, and then with ideas you’re having and then with outside experience that teaches you.
I drew Azazel’s sigil in desparation and white chalk on the floor of my room (its tiled). I called on Him, by his enn and just the chant EA gives on line. And before I could finish His words came to me. “I am here. I’ve been here all the time”. He’s awesome.
Know what you want, where you are, what you need to learn. He is a god of war, and wisdom to me, because he destroys that which is in your path that is wrong for you and teaches you a better way.
I always speak and think highly of Him because he has revolutionised my life! Simply and shortly, no long winded rituals just belief in Him. I call on Him in every place where I feel that life is impossible or a struggle, or my human condition makes me weak. And Lord Azazel never fails.

Stop working hard to get Him to come to you He’s already with you, He’s probably watching you scratch around and He’s thinking, what? Find a thing you need to learn, have a need, and call on Him sincerely and wait and listen for His voice. Pain brought Him to me. What pain to you have? Are you aware of your pain?
They say jesus is the way, truth and the life, but I think that is a quality I can really attribute to Lord Azazel, He brings truth, life and a way out.
If you get to know Him, you’ll never look back. I just wish I wasn’t so dumb in the beginning, if I had accepted His councilling in the beginning life would have been very different for me today. Treat Him like a friend because that’s what He is. Well to me anyway. A very powerful friend. A friend who knows things that you couldnt possibly work out on your own. And when things get bad, His a soldier of mercy. I hope this helps. I really want everyone to know Him, He’s amazing.