Azazel candles and prayers

Does azazel care what color candles you use? what are some of his prayers that he likes??? I tried invoking him before and felt a cold rush of wind next to me but he didnt communicate with me so i got discouraged… because the spirit that is already with me wont let me get into trance so its hard for me to invoke or evoke spirits.

so i want to try again and invoke him without theta gamma sync but was wondering what color candles does he like and his prayers that people use…

also is he a strict demon?? if he is, then how so? what type of offerings does azazel prefer?

thank you


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Just did

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I believe that he likes Black and White Candles.

Prayers would be his Enn I suppose :thinking:

I think that he is serious when it comes to work.

I’ve only ever used black candles to petition him. He doesn’t ask me for food/drink offerings but I have offered cake on a couple of occasions. The exception, he asks for blood on his sigil for workings that require a lot of energy.

His usual enn is “Eya on ca Azazel aken”.

He does have an alternative enn, “Itz rel itz rel Azazel,” but that’s not one I use often. I think it’s used for specific situations, that’s the impression I got when I first started working with him. When I’ve used this enn, it was for some work that was needed internally, or when I’m working the Gatekeeper ritual.

He is friendly, compassionate, and has a good sense of humour. But he can be strict I guess. He does insist on being respected. So being rude or a jerk to him will earn you a telling off and a reminder about respect. He does not like name calling. If you have a habit of it, you might be reprimanded. He does care, and he will stick by you, but you are expected to do what you need to do. Feeling sorry for yourself, or complaining won’t get you far. He’s true to his word, so you can trust what he tells you.


Azazel is Awesome and he doesn’t ask for anything. I bought him a fancy black candle, a special black incense tray and some incense for devotional purposes, on the day I went to get the candles for the Wolf Moon/Lunar Eclipse rite and the first time I lit his “personal” candles and incense, I heard him very clearly say: “OH I LIKE THIS!” in a loud booming voice. I was so taken aback, I literally took one step back from the altar, laughed and said: “that’s good!” Go with what feels right for you. As long as it comes from your heart, you don’t want anything from Azazel, it’s just because you like him and it’s natural: ie. no attachment. He will let you know what’s up one way or the other. :slight_smile:


did you get into trance while you invoked him? do you know how to invoke him without trance? J.S. Garrett told me how but I forgot a lot of what he said… it seems like its a lot harder if you do it without trance… i can’t get into trance


i actually asked this question to him earlier because i have been away from his current for a good bit, and he stated he does not care and hes not picky unless its a special occassion. but for general use with him he is not very picky and as long as you dedicate it to him hes content unless he specifies otherwise. also, ive oticed that as a offering he loves roasted nuts. especially almonds. if you rub sweet almond oil on his candles and other things dedicated to him he really appreciates it


I don’t think he cares. He’s the only spirit I’ve contacted so far, and I used a “Pink Sands” Yankee candle because that’s all I had at the time, and he still showed up and he didn’t seem to mind.

I tend to drift in and out of trance all the time and I hadn’t consciously invoked Azazel on this occasion, that’s why it was such a surprise to hear his voice. It could be more likely be part of preparatory immersion, which is a necessary stage when doing demon evocation. I am sure Azazel is around all the time anyway, as he showed me a new place to park the car at the shopping center today, which meant I didn’t have to walk in the sun and wind, as it was 44 deg. celcius here and the winds were 44km an hour at one point. As a result I missed the heat wave all together. I am so grateful!!!


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