Azazel being annoying literally as f*ck

Hey, I wanted to share one experience I had with Azazel.

The problem is that he CONSTANTLY trying to get my attention whenever I’m trying to communicate with mostly any demon, especially Belial.
Whenever I’m saying Belial’s enn in my mind or simply talking to him, Azazel makes me think about HIS enn and name instead.
Once he even tried to pretend as Belial and took form in which Belial usually shows up to me and tried to seduce me.

I don’t even communicate or work with Azazel, so I don’t understand why is he even doing this?
This is starting to get really annoying, especially considering that when I try to ask him why the hell he’s doing this, Azazel doesn’t answer at all or answers in a way that I can’t even astrally hear.

I don’t understand what the fuck is happening and what the fuck does Azazel want from me. Help.

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I’d banish and ward your area to start with. Then if you still have an issue and you still think it is Azazel, you need to set up clear boundaries, summon them to be sure it’s Azazel/verify their identity, find out what they want etc.

I suspect a good banishing will probably take care of it however, and you can conduct business as normal, after.


Thanks, I’ll try.
And I think that it is either Azazel, or spirit somehow connected to him (maybe servant or something), because I doubt that any other spirit would use such… methods.

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Lord Yeesh or Yeetch or something like that is supposed to kill parasites and imposters, call out to Azazel and ask for his familiar to be sent to clean up the area.

I contacted Azazel.
He seemed definitely amused by this situation, and was sitting with a huge grin whole time.
He didn’t want to give me clear answer on if this entity is actually Azazel himself or trickster, but I did a tarot reading with him and it shows that it is definitely someone connected to Azazel.
He also doesn’t want to give out the reason yet, as he says that “there are multiple reason and you should choose which one of them would be truthful”.

Maybe the answer to your problem is to not contact other demons for now and start a pathwork with Azazel. Maybe that’s the reason he doesnt want you to contact other spirits.


Jeez…what an asshole :roll_eyes: lol (I mean Azazel, not you, lol)

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He is a demon after al lol and 1 thing about demons (by reputation) they aren’t alway hugs and flowers and bunny rabbits sometimes they’re tricksters and sometimes in your own words assholes. After all they have reputations to keep up don’t they :wink:

If he told you through another person to think about reasons maybe think about reasons he would want to prank you as well as reasons he’d wanna work with you. Worst that can happen from thinking on what the reasons could be, is you waste some time and can’t figure out any reasons. Best case you waste some time and figure out the reason it’s happening. Either way, the only thing you lose is a little time.

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(Ahaha, somehow hearing others agreeing that he’s an asshole calms me down lol)

Actually I told Belial about my concerns towards this situation and Belial & Azazel even were arguing multiple times, so this situation has almost stopped but still not completely.

Azazel generally loves “poking” me: either to offer some contract or to simply fucking say hi.

If I were you, I’d tell him to stop if it bothers you, you have the right to work with whatever demon you want, interference by others shouldn’t be there lol

But it’s kinda cute that Azazel is acting like a teen girl with a crush on you lol, maybe he wants to fuck you lol

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Ahaha, I tried to tell him to stop but it didn’t work.

And actually he DID try to fuck me, I remember meditating and suddenly I have a vision of Azazel trying to kiss me and stuff… I only realised that it’s actually Azazel by Belial screaming to me like “WAIT WAIT NO” and pulling me out of meditation.

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Out of curiosity, are you a female or male?

Azazel needs to learn boundaries before belial kicks his ass :rofl:

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I am female actually :rofl:
And Belial already kicked his ass once some months ago because of the same reason, and as you see here it comes again :joy:

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So I guess what you need to do is gind out what you really want.
Because what you’ve described here raises so many red flags I can’t even count.
If you want that spirit to stop, and your first try hasn’t worked, then don’t stop working on it.
I mean, if there is something you really don’t want, you can’t just sit there and accept it, can you?
Because you are in command here.
Or if that spirit’s actions are not completely unwanted, at least be honest to yourself about it. Because then you can start working from there.


Thanks for answer. I haven’t completely decided what I want regarding this situation yet, so I’ll think about this for a while.
But nevertheless I can’t just sit down and try to ignore it if it rises up again, I’ll have to perform some actions as I figure out what actually is going on.

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You sound fun, my pms are open if you ever want to chat about occult stuff

My advice for you is get some boundaries, Azazel or not, no one has the right to overstep you :wink:

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