Azazel and the Theta Gamma Sync

  1. How long does it typically take to fully manifest Azazel? In the second summoning he agreed to a potential partnership(it was very vague).

  2. Is it true that I must continue to summon the spirit I wish to work with to strengthen the bond between us?

  3. Whenever I try to call the spirit into physical appearance, my vision darkens but nothing else happens. The sigil flashes and seems to morph. Every time my vision gets so dark that I can only see the candle flame, my eyes re-focus and I can’t progress further into the TGS. How do I hold myself in the state

These where the questions I posted on the Azazel Evocation topic three days ago and no one else posted on it so I have created this new topic to seek the answers.

Go do a divination and consult other spirits about Azazel before venturing off as they know him too.