Does anyone here have experience with Azathoth ? any info you can share on him will be appreciated

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Anyone ?

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Given you experience with ahriman ya may not wanna work with the demon sultan.

He is known the one who sits at the center of chaos, the center of the void, if the void had a center that is.

If i were to give you context with my current work Azathoths energies would be a few octaves after Ahriman’s. If that makes sense. Which is doubtful as the comparison is less than a shadow of the idea tjis tries to convey :thinking: But its part of why I am currently working with Arhiman and the divs.


Ok thanks

I ve done my fair share of research and a couple of rituals to contact him or an aspect if I may say so. Experiences during that period ranged from nonsensical things happening right after the work to dreams and nightmares influenced by the lore and the info on him. To me it was a good experience that helped me the way I interpreted it to gain insight to the Elder Gods pantheon.