Awesome thanx to abigor eligos!

I have to give out major THANX SHOUTOUT to ABIGOR ELIGOS!!! 2 nights ago I made up a very non scripted “i am trying to make contact” Envokation to Abigor Eligos, who I will now be working with both names as a single Being- i am positive that is how He Works best, with all enumerated talents of “both” being combined as One Very Efficicient Multitasker!!!. What an amzing Being!!! Thankx sooo much my Dear Brotherly Being !!! i simply wanted tomake some contact- you know, shine the Batman sigil as it were in the sky hoping for a reply. Wow, did i ever!!! probably not a 5 minute actual ritual with Water offering, then chanted his Names while falling to sleep.
We are doing battle to get on top of our finances, especially now as Stalin Trump ala Grim Reaper is working to destroy anyone not a super millionaire / braindead sycophant.
As my wife is on home hemo dialysis, 5-6 days a week 6-8 hours per Tx, her health is slowly fading over the past 15 years, and the lest 2 have been hand to hand knife fighting with the “powers that be’, just to keep things stable at least. now Trump is working to wipe out medicate especially critical home care patients, to a degree one cannot say this is not passive genocide for those who are a 'unnecessary drag on the 'rest of us”. He wants to force redude home hemo dialyis from the nearly 40 hours per week, to the 'At clinic standard" of 12 hours per week- which is the aknowledged minimum life sustaining standard.
Anyway, with all this, and her health mostly in a chair ridden trying to make money online due to weakness and immobility- she has been working for 2 years through so called ‘Vocational Rehab’ to get some kind of actual employment.
Well , sidestepping them idiots, she went and applied at H&R Block for a receptionist job; and today, just about 48 hours after my little ritual which was not aimed at her getting a job—[but financial progress is his speciality i just found out] she just got a call saying she is hired, and gets to work about 2 blocks from home!
I cannot help but see His palm prints all over this and am really psyched!!!
Thanks so much Abigor Eligos !!!