Awesome magician

Compared to thus guy, David Copperfield and consorts are nothing.
If you find the time, see it all the way through, and try to explain his tricks. Just illusion? Or…?


I’m sure they’re just tricks and some of his tricks can be bought, but as for the other’s… I just can’t wrap my head around it.
You can find his past on wikipedia. As a child his grandfather educated him in the skills, but in a later stage in his life he refined and learned his most impressive tricks in New Orleans. :wink:

This guy is bloody amazing…That walking on water by the Thames stunt blew me away. As u can see the river police are on him in minutes as its by the houses of parliment. I mean how do you set that up? Theres people rowing around him! Very clever.

Is he a mage pretending to be an illusionist or an illusionist with a great set of tricks.