How come the etheric body does not meet halfway by helping to awaken its own chakras?
We are multidimensional beings. All we are doing when projecting is transferring our consciousness to our different vessel/body. So why can’t the etheric body itself help with empowering itself? Kundalini,chakras,dan tiens,meridians,nadis. All of these could be enhanced by the body itself as it is being controlled by us. Either our subconscious or our soul.

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Why doesn’t your physical body unclog its own blood vessels? Why don’t your muscles grow larger all by themselves without you having to put them under stress? Why doesn’t your body lower its heart rate without exercise?

Just like the physical body, the energy bodies all have a base level, a “factory setting,” so to speak. They don’t move beyond that setting unless acted upon by an outside force, ie. your consciousness.


So you don’t believe that your subtle body is being controlled right now by your soul or subconscious or multidimensional mind?

Dude, subconscious means “beneath conscious awareness.” In other words, you have no clue what is going on.

Do you not understand what that means? Just like your breath rate and heart beat stay the same until you actively take control of them through biofeedback and other techniques, the subconscious maintains the factory setting of the energy bodies until you consciously work to change them.


Because it doesn’t need to, just because consciously you fall into other people’s ideals and beliefs doesn’t mean you actually need it. When someone etheric projects the etheric body is controlled by their conscious mind partially or fully until they either absorb it or leave it be, once they cease projecting the subconscious mind controls that projection/etheric body. Its the part of your mind that knows what you need and don’t need if the conscious mind is clouded by gullibility and everyday nonsense.


Even if you summon it to help you?

You can reach this ‘autopilot’ state though hard work and dedication. The body wants to heal, it wants to open itself to energy, it wants to grow and evolve. You have to ‘meet it half way’ by doing the work required for it to open up, and with enough practice you will be manipulating energy even in your sleep. There are even people called ‘sleeping immortals’ who DO advanced internal alchemy in their ‘sleep’. Just to reach that state requires practice and dedication. You do and do and do until you move beyond the practice, and even then there is still work to be done. Its a process.

If it were easy to achieve everyone would get immortal status xD


You can evoke your etheric body but it still won’t do something you don’t need, you don’t need to empower your chakras, if you didn’t need surgery would you force a doctor to give it to you? don’t think so. It’s similar cases. My etheric body when I’m not controlling it only goes around doing pantheon related stuff, unless someone else evokes it and based on if I am consciously okay with being evoked it will either show up or not show up.

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Do you think something like hypnosis would work for that as it affects the subconscious mind?

Hypnosis can help, so can subliminal messages, etc. They help form habits, but the most effective way to form a habit and get a real practice going is through just doing it. No excuses. Dont worry about feeling anything and just do the exercises, have fun with it. But keep it consistent. Eventually youll be like, “OK time to do this qi gong” and just do it, or “OK time to meditate!” and just do it.

Frankly, it seems to me an inverting of your way of thinking is needed. This phase could all be a part of your journey, but it is something to overcome. Right now it seems like you are your own worst enemy here when it comes to establishing a successful practice.

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