Automatic Writing/Spirit Writing

I would love to try that but I don’t know how to begin. Any tips/ advice/experiences. Please do share.


Raymond Buckland has as a book, book of spirit communications. It’s quite good to start with. Lesson 8 is about automatic writing if you can get the book.
“What happen is that you take up a pen or pencil and hold it over large sheet of paper as you direct your attention elsewhere. In a short time your hand will start to make small movements, seemingly of its own volition. These movements will cause marks to be made on the paper. As time goes on these marks become more and more consistent and consecutive, beginning to form circles, hooks, etc. Gradually letters, then words, and finally whole sentences written out. Just seat yourself comfortably, where you can have a sheet of paper beside you, with your hand and pen resting on the paper”.


Thank you, I Will definitely check it out


Be very open to the spirit your working with and allow them to flow through you …much like when a spirit tare over the ouja board.

Just clear your mind and and relax let the spirit move and write. :slight_smile: