"Automatic Writing" questions (Photo of progress)

Hello there, friends.

I recently picked up my first dip style ink pen, and I have some nice canvas that I was going to practice on. But, I was thinking it might be more interesting to try and ritualize the experience with some “Automatic Writing” or channeling of some sort.

Can anyone share some tips, and/or personal experiences, when it comes to this sort of experimentation? I would love to see your suggestions and hear your stories.



Clear your mind and right the first thing that comes to it. Practice it and you’ll get better.

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Thanks for the reply. I imagine the flow could be compared to the feeling when learning/saying a new entities name for the first time?

I’ll break the canvas out now.

It looks chaotic, but this is just how it went. Also, first time using a dip pen with an inkwell.

Questions and vibes were along the lines of: “does anyone want to make their presence known to me?” “Do you like doing this?” “Can we be friends?” “What is your name?”

But most of the time was spent channeling, and feeling the pull of the pen.


messing around with the image


That’s cool, the centre part looks to me like a demon with horns and a halo, haolding bat-style wings up with the claws meeting just over his head… could be a cool base to try creating or summoning a servitor into? :slight_smile:


I was wondering about the possibilities when I was creating it last night. Now that I see it again, it looks even more delightfully devious. You’re totally right. It could become a demon servitor spawn. That’s absolutely brilliant.


I love dip pens and automatic composition :3 glad to see more people with good taste in writing implements


Haha, it was my first time using the dip pen and at automatic writing. I think it went rather well considering:)