Could it be possible to invoke/evoke a demon of manipulation to make oneself more happy , focused on his work , more speed…ect better In other word

Is it dengerous in any way ??
Is there a special caution I need to know ??
Thanks everyone

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Okay. So they all can do that, but it should really be you who is making yourself more happy while simultaneously thanking them for making it easier. So there’s a whole lot of deities from all different pantheons. They’re kinda connected and their own unique individuals. It’s a beautiful mess. So be respectful to all of them. Now, risk and reward. Sometimes this shit is like a monkeys paw, you gotta be careful in the specifics and intent. They’ll show you and teach you many things, be ready to open your mind to many new concepts. Do lots of research. Naamah is actually the first one to reveal themselves to me. Another thing, you hear of people having bad experiences, seeing/ experiencing horrible things? They probably had their heads up their asses and didn’t understand what they we’re trying to contact. So get your mind right, be happy about making a connection. Share your feelings, all of them. You want to help them so they’ll help you.



You should be in control of your happiness none else :wink:
You should learn more about yourself, figure what you like to do and start doing more of it.
That will make you happier :slight_smile:

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Thanks yeah you’re right but what about being more focused ??

Thanks a lot for your message and yeah naamah deserve a lot of respect as well as every other wathever they are

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